That'll Show 'Em! Vegans Pour Milk on Floor in Protest at London Dept. Store

Nick Kangadis | October 9, 2023
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Feminists rank up there really high, but vegans and climate alarmists have taken the mantle of most annoying people on the planet. Vegans are particularly insufferable, because they know they’re wrong. If they weren’t, why do they try to make everything taste like meat? You don’t see people trying to make a steak taste like a carrot.

Anywho, video is circulating on social media of unbearable vegans pouring full bottles of milk onto the floor at a Harrod’s department store in London. For people that always preach tolerance, they’re pretty…lactose intolerant (Yeah, I did).

Much like the Just Stop Oil people, I wonder what’s it’s like — and I admit, I’m not the most popular person on the planet — to have everyone hate you.

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Then these people wonder why they were short changed in the genetic lottery. Maybe if they drank the milk, instead of pouring it out so no one could enjoy it, they’d grow larger than 5’7” and have bone density thicker than a twig.

Here’s the thing. I wouldn’t even be pointing this out if these people took a modicum of responsibility for their actions and paid for what they destroyed. Also, someone has to clean that up. What if they were vegan too, but this was just a job? These idiots really know how to make enemies.

I’ve never seen one person look at a video of the Just Stop Oil people ruining works of art or vegans being themselves and annoying the hell out of the vast majority of us that are carnivores and thinking, ‘You know what? I like what they did there. I’m going to give them my support.’

Let’s face it. These are the children of middle to upper class families that have nothing better to do than mess with other people’s days just so they can think they’re making a difference. The only difference they’re making is convincing people they’re nothing more than pests.


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