THAT'S How You Do It! Polish Troops Repel Illegals Attempting to Enter Country

Nick Kangadis | June 7, 2024
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There’s at least one based country that cares about their borders, and that country seems to be Poland.

In video circulating on different accounts on X, troops patrolling the Polish border can be seen repelling people illegally attempting to enter Poland using pepper spray and shield. The illegals and troops are separated not much more than some posts with barbed wire propping it up as a makeshift fence.

(Warning: Strong language through translation captions.)

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Well, it seems to be effective. It’s amazing what a weak fence and a moderate presence in the form of military force can do.

If only the U.S. government gave a degree of the crap that Polish government apparently does in protecting its borders, maybe the American people wouldn't have to put up with the criminal invasion currently plaguing our nation.


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