They Don't Want You to Know: YouTube Pulls Crowder's Nashville Manifesto Video

Nick Kangadis | November 7, 2023
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YouTube, Google, their parent company Alphabet and Facebook do NOT want you to know the truth about most things. They’ll claim that they changed their algorithms to favor seeing more content from your friends and family members. But, in reality, they simply want to suppress the exchange of pertinent information that you as Americans have a right to know. The amount of info they’ve suppressed has been proven to affect the outcomes of elections, which seems to make them arms of certain political entities.

On Monday night, YouTube removed Steven Crowder’s "Louder with Crowder" video in which his undercover Mug Club journalists released the much debated manifesto of the Tennessee shooter that killed six people back in March.

Crowder posted the explanation email sent to his channel by YouTube explaining that the video of his broadcasting of the manifesto “violates our violent criminal organizations policy.” The video platform didn’t issue Crowder’s channel a strike, but did notify them that they removed the video in question.

“Content that glorifies violent criminal organizations or incites violence is not allowed on YouTube,” the YouTube email said.

Yours truly watched Crowder’s Monday episode in full, and in no way did Crowder’s crew glorify “violent criminal organizations,” nor did it incite violence.

The whole point of the manifesto was proving that entities, like YouTube, incited the Tennessee shooter to do what they did by platforming anti-white rhetoric, DEI and CRT guilt sessions.

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A follow-up email sent by YouTube to Crowder gave another reason for the video’s removal.

“Our Community Guidelines prohibit linking to content containing manifestos from individuals who have committed violent attacks, including the tragic event that took place in Nashville, Tennessee, in February 2023,” the email read.

“February 2023?” The shooting happened on March 27, 2023. While that might be splitting hairs to point that discrepancy out, it does show that the people censoring Crowder and everyone else know very little about what they’re talking about and change the rules to fit their motives.

If you’d still like to see Crowder’s original reporting on the release of the manifesto, you can check out his channel on Rumble, or you can watch this week’s episode of MRCTV’s Things That Need To Be Said below.



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