Thought Police: British Cops Arrest Man for Social Media Video Criticizing Hamas, Palestinian Flags All Over His Neighborhood

Nick Kangadis | November 1, 2023
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Even though we as Americans sometimes think that our free speech is being infringed upon — and there are a lot of instances proving that to be true — at least we don’t live in the U.K. where criticizing terrorists can apparently get you arrested.

A man in the U.K. looks to have been arrested by British police for posting a video to Facebook criticizing Hamas and all of the Palestinian flags that have been put up presumably in his neighborhood.

Here’s video of the arrest, as well as the original video that was reportedly the one that got the man in trouble:

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As the man’s wife repeatedly said, “Disgusting!”

If you’re an American, thank your lucky stars we beat the britches off the Brits in the Revolutionary War, otherwise you too might be restricted to ‘The King’s Speech,’ or lack thereof.

Oh, and by the slim chance that there are any British authorities who read this — Hamas sucks, people supporting their actions suck and the British authorities who apparently are very thin skinned suck, too.

How’s that for offensive speech?


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