TikTok Teacher Bashes Advocates of 'So-Called Parents' Rights'

Nick Kangadis | December 4, 2023
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For my age range, I was part of the last group of kids to experience the last vestiges of old school, traditional teachers, while also seeing the influx of teachers who made what you do in school more about feelings and ideology than the actual work you needed to be learning itself. It was like night and day, and I found the more “modern” teachers I encountered the less interested in school I became. Maybe there’s a correlation there, maybe there’s not.

What I do know is that a lot of these “modern” teachers think their students are also “their kids.” (Pro-tip: They’re not). So when you get these braindead teachers who have TikTok accounts preaching to anyone that will listen to their drivel, they often sound like they feel they’re above the actual parents of the students the parents pay taxes to teach their children, at least, the basics.

Just like this next muppet, a teacher from God knows where posting a video to TikTok talking about how parents have “so-called” rights to their lives when it comes to them being in any way connected to the LGBTQ religion.

This idiot basically said that school board candidates or members that advocate for parental rights over their own children put “trans and LGBTQ+ youth in danger.”

Okay, just an aside here, but do you need to single out trans youth when you’re also saying “LGBTQ+ youth?” She knows the “T” stands for trannies, right? Anyway…

“Most people advocating for these so-called parents rights are advocating to out LGBTQ+ students to their families,” the lady genius said. “A young person coming out to their family, there might be a reason for that, and if they are rejected by their parents because of their identity, they’re eight times more likely to attempt to end their own life.”

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Isn’t that all the more reason to keep these groomers — I mean, teachers — from teaching or encouraging kids to “be their true selves,” when in reality they mean not straight?

I thought being a part of the LGBTQ+ religion was supposed to be this highly spiritual, empowering thing? If the kid is going to commit suicide because their parents might disapprove of their “choice,” then how empowering can that lifestyle be?

Also, what this “educator” is essentially saying is that children who might be involved in the LGBTQ+ religion is mentally unstable to the point that they’ll end their life should their parents disapprove. Parents disapprove of a lot of things, even though there are parents that placate their children concerning these issues.

So what’s she really saying is that kids should keep their identity a secret from their parents and confide in her and teachers like her. You have to wonder if how many of these teachers that think like this have children of their own. Maybe they’re collecting other people’s children like they collect cats.


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