Violent Felon Activist Shot in Self-Defense by Rittenhouse Distorts Story of that Night

Nick Kangadis | April 17, 2024
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Some people are just foul. I'm being nice by calling the subject of this blog "foul," but worse words could be used and still be applicable in this instance.

Does everyone remember Gaige Grosskreutz? He was the guy who testified for the prosecution in the self-defense trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, which didn't go as planned since he freely admitted to charging at Rittenhouse with a firearm pointed at him before he was shot by the defendant.

Well, now convicted felon Grosskreutz apparently goes by the name Paul Prediger - which ironically rhymes with predator.

Anyway, Rittenhouse has been on a speaking tour, and, of course, all the activists who don't care about facts or the truth have come out of the woodwork to protest Rittenhouse speaking on their campuses. It happened back in March at the University of Memphis.

In this instance, Prediger descended upon Kent State University to bend the truth about what happened in his previous altercation with Rittenhouse, and saying "bend the truth" is being generous to Prediger.

"On August 25, 2020, Kyle Rittenhouse shot me in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Since November 2021, I've chose to remain silent and not speak publicly regarding Kyle Rittenhouse and the events surrounding that night, having preferring my anonymity and safety over revisiting a traumatic period in my life. But that silence ends today.

While I've simply tried to live my life and not relive those moments, Kyle Rittenhouse has taken a different path. He has used every moment to gloat and to make light of taking life. As if that were not enough, Kyle has embraced and been embraced by those who peddle hateful rhetoric, who believe in nationalism that excludes those who do not look like or think like them and who have sought to amplify a troubling desire for violence against supposed political, cultural and religious enemies."

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Says the guy who literally admitting to charging at Rittenhouse with a loaded firearm because he felt Rittenhouse was a "political enemy." Save the drama for your mama, Gaige or Paul or Loser or Felon or whatever else you want to change your name to so people can't look you up and see what a failure at life you are.

This is what violent leftist activists like Grosskreutz do. They're so full of hate against their "political, cultural enemies" (I excluded "religious," because most of these communists have no religion besides their own made-up, dogmatic BS), that they don't even want people who differ or disagree with them to be allowed to earn a living...or live at all.

If Rittenhouse didn't act in self-defense against Grosskreutz and the two other scumbags that he shot on that night in Kenosha, he probably wouldn't be with us today. And who knows? With the way the justice system has been going lately, Grosskreutz might've even gotten away with murder.

We see you, Gaige. You're not fooling anybody.


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