WATCH: Pro-Israel Rally-Goers Model A Pathway To Peace, MRCTV Attends 'March for Israel'

Nick Kangadis | November 15, 2023
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MRCTV ventured out to the National Mall in Washington D.C. on Tuesday to talk to people attending the March for Israel rally. The event surpassed expectations, with reportedly nearly 300,000 people showing up to display their support.

I asked attendees what they hope the event brings to conversation about the conflict currently ongoing, as well as what they think about what's been going on at college campuses and around the U.S.

Here’s video of what they had to say:


I have to say, as someone who has covered an endless amount of protests and rallies, the March for Israel event was a show of how these events should be held. As far as I saw, there wasn’t one vulgar sign like you normally see at a typical protest. Although, to be fair, because of the size and scope of this event, I don’t think it could be classified as a protest.

As one woman said, this is, or should be, a celebration of life, culture and heritage.


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