What About U.S.? Biden Considering $100 Bil. for Ukraine, Taiwan & Israel, Plus Free Living for 5.7 Mil. Illegals

Nick Kangadis | October 18, 2023
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Listen, I understand that we have allies around the world that depend on the U.S. because we’re that much more awesome as a country than any of them could ever dream of. I get it. But, how much American taxpayer money does the government want to spend on everything but the people who provide them the resources in the first place?

Reports came out on Tuesday that President Joe Biden is considering approving a $100 billion in aid, including defense aid, for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan. This is on top of the over $100 billion we’ve already given to Ukraine in both monetary and defense aid.

Okay, but where is this money coming from? (*coughs* real reason for inflation)

Supposedly, the explanation for such an exorbitant amount all at once is that “the request was for a full year of funding, explaining the large size,” according to Reuters.

Oh, but that’s not all, my friends.

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A New York Post report from last Thursday said that the Biden regime “could soon” provide “free medical services, food and even housing” for the 5.7 million illegal immigrants that have poured into the U.S. over the last two or three years.

How much scratch is that going to cost? Per month? Per week? Per day? Because one thing’s for sure — the American taxpayer will be squeezed for tens, if not hundreds, of billions more for that atrocity.

It seems as though the U.S. federal government cares about every single person on the planet who’s NOT an American. Israel is understandable, for the moment. We should give them our support in the face of barbaric terrorism. But, at some point, we’re going to open our wallet and only find moths.


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