Why Now? YouTube Removes 3-Year-Old 'TimCast IRL' Episodes Feat. Rogan, Malice & Jones

Nick Kangadis | April 18, 2024
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It’s an election year, so obviously Big Tech companies have to do everything they can to come down on prominent channels on their platforms — even if the violations they claim against certain creators happened years before.

Political commentator and journalist Tim Pool announced on Wednesday that YouTube removed two of his biggest “TimCast IRL” podcast episodes that the platform claimed violated their policies on talking about “Q’anon conspiracy theories as well as medical misinformation,” according The Post Millennial.

Pool called the removals BS, especially since the episodes were three years old. However, the episodes in question did include podcasters Joe Rogan and Michael Malice, as well as political commentator Alex Jones. So that probably had something to do with it since those men aren’t controllable.

Pool also said during Wednesday evening’s episode of “TimCast IRL” that they’re very careful about what they do and don’t talk about, because they know how censorious YouTube can be at times.

The podcaster then spoke about a conversation he had with an actual person from Google, the parent company of YouTube.

“I’m on the phone with Google immediately after this happened. I get an email and they’re like, ‘We just want to let you know we took these episodes down.’ And I said, ‘Three years after these episodes aired, you’re now claiming a policy violation.’ And they’re like, ‘Well, it was always against the rules.’ And I said, ‘Okay, here’s what we’re gonna do. I will instruct my social media guy right now to delete every single video off the TImCast IRL channel. We will air the episodes and a week later delete them from the platform. We will put the clips up and a week later deleted them from the platform, because that is the only thing we can do based on retroactive policy enforcement. If you tell us what we’re doing is fine, and we behave in that way for three years, I’ve got a thousand episodes.’ I said, ‘We’ve got 1,006 episodes. Probably about 990 are on YouTube, plus every single clip, which is three to six clips per episode, and you tell us what we did on that show was fine for three years, that means from that point on until today we did the exact same things we did in that episode. How many episodes am I supposed to go through now to figure out if they violate the rules?’

And I was told by the person at Google, ‘Well, I don’t know of any other episodes where this is an issue.’ And I said, ‘Sure, and you didn’t know for three years this episode was an issue. So my only option then is to delete every single show off the platform or you’re going to ban us.’ What they effectively told me was, ‘No, no. It’s fine. You’re fine.’ And I said this, ‘Okay, then someone at the highest level of Google or YouTube came down to you guys and said, ‘Delete those episodes. I don’t want them on the platform. Make up a reason.’ And you’re telling me it’s fine and we’re not going to get banned, because you know it’s political and it’s someone at Google who ordered the shows to be removed. If that is NOT the case, then you have retroactively placed policy enforcement actions against us which leaves me with no alternative but to delete every video off this channel, otherwise at any moment we could be banned.’ And they said, ‘No, no! I can’t tell you that.’ Okay, great. You can’t.”

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How’s that for context? Obviously Pool says a whole lot more about the situation, which you can view below.


Listen, I don’t care whether it’s left, right, center or anywhere else on any kind of “spectrum,” YouTube is a slave to advertisers and will not stick up for any of its creators for any reason, especially if certain companies don’t want certain things talked about during an election season. Trust me, I’ve had many videos on YouTube “violate their standards,” as fuzzy as those standards might be depending on the day and which blue haired freak in Silicon Valley is monitoring things. And, it didn’t even have to be an election year. Even if they don’t take a video down or ban your channel, YouTube will intentionally squash the reach of your video if you talk about something too real for them or their bosses, the advertisers.

My give a damn’s busted, and I’m too tired to sugarcoat the truth. But, YouTube can get bent. I’ll USE them for my needs, but I’ll never kneel for theirs.


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