No Conflict of Interest Here! Biden's DOJ Arrests 'Whistleblower' Who Claimed Biden Family in Business with China

Nick Kangadis | July 11, 2023
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The left is cheering while not exactly realizing what they’re cheering for. Basically, the left sees no conflict of interest that President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) just indicted and levied multiple charges against the “missing witness,” or whistleblower, who claimed that Biden has deep financial ties to Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Of course, much like the impeachments of former President Donald Trump, Biden’s DOJ is doing what the left always does — accuses their counterparts of doing the exact thing they’re accused of doing.

According to The Post Millennial:

Now, long after coming out as a whistleblower, [Dr. Gal] Luft himself has been charged by the Biden DOJ for allegedly engaging in "multiple serious schemes" involving the Chinese and Iranians alongside a "former high-ranking US Government official." The charges include numerous offenses related to failing to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, arms trafficking, Iranian sanctions violations, and making false statements to federal agents.

According to the DOJ, Luft allegedly "subverted foreign agent registration laws in the United States to seek to promote Chinese policies by acting through a former high-ranking U.S. Government official, acted as a broker in deals for dangerous weapons and Iranian oil, and he told multiple lies about his crimes to law enforcement."

Essentially, the people that Luft, the co-director of a Maryland think tank, is claiming are working with foreign entities are not only accusing Luft of working with foreign entities himself, but for lying about his statements as a whistleblower.

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So now the question is, who do you believe? Can you really trust Attorney General Merrick Garland’s DOJ, particularly under the direction of the Biden regime? Is trust there for Luft, who claims not to be beholden to any political party?

"I'm not a Republican. I'm not a Democrat,” Luft said, according to the New York Post. “I have no political motive or agenda … I did it out of deep concern that if the Bidens were to come to power, the country would be facing the same traumatic Russia collusion scandal — only this time with China. Sadly, because of the DOJ's cover-up, this is exactly what happened.”



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