No Crying Over Spilled Cigarettes: Robber Cries After Being Beaten by Two 7-11 Employees

Nick Kangadis | August 4, 2023
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When there’s no police to help your business, or even care that your business is getting robbed — especially in California,  if the situation can be contained without an extreme risk to your own health, you just have to take matters into your own hands.

And that’s exactly what happened at a California 7-11 when a would-be robber began clearing the tobacco wall behind the register into a garbage can.

Multiple Instagram videos, posted by @yo_folkers, show the robbery and subsequent stopping of the robbery by two employees of the establishment.



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The strangest part of the whole ordeal was the man filming taking it upon himself to direct traffic in the situation and try and tell the employees what to do. You might be filming, but it’s none of your business.

This is what happens when you defund the police, redirect resources for police to community organizers and have policies in place that only protect the criminals and not the victims.

I’m all for backing the blue, but what do you do when the blue doesn’t back you? Police have no right to complain about the consequences for criminals if they’re going to do nothing about their supposed commitment to “protect and serve.”

Good on these two employees for subduing the criminal. Although, it probably would’ve been better if they didn’t listen to the cameraman, kept the guy on the floor and waited for police to show up to do…well, anything.

H/T: Fox 32 - Chicago


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