'No Faking Here': AOC Claims She Didn't Pretend to Be Cuffed Outside SCOTUS

Brittany M. Hughes | July 21, 2022
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AOC is pushing back against critics who claim she faked being handcuffed while being “arrested” outside the Supreme Court Tuesday.

Because, well, she faked being handcuffed while being “arrested.”

The whole thing started when AOC, clad in high heels and a long-sleeved blazer, showed up in the 90-degree-plus afternoon heat to momentarily participate in a pro-abortion protest outside SCOTUS, where activists demanded the nationalized right to kill unborn children in the womb.

After being asked to move by Capitol police who were trying to clear the street for traffic, AOC, her fellow Fraud Squad Rep. Ilhan Omar, and several other members of Congress – along with a few dozen everyday protesters – refused. In response, the police gently and politely led them to a cordoned-off area, where they were given bottled water.

Hardened criminals, the lot of them.

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In clips taken during the event, AOC and Omar can be seen crossing their wrists behind their backs as AOC is led away by the cops (Omar had no police escort and appeared to “arrest” herself). Both women momentarily broke their charade to raise power fists at the crowd before returning to their invisible cuffs.

Now, expecting us to not believe what we all saw with our own two eyes, AOC claims there was "no faking” being restrained, claiming she was simply trying to "avoid escalating charges" by keeping her hands free.

“No faking here. Putting your hands behind your back is a best practice while detained, handcuffed or not, to avoid escalating charges like resisting arrest,” AOC tweeted in response to a slam from GOP Rep. Nancy Mace.

Now, you would think that a toughened gangtsta from Westchester like AOC would know that keeping your hands where the cops can see them and not reaching behind your back is actually the best response while being arrested. But then again, when thug life chooses you, it doesn’t exactly come with a manual, so perhaps we should have some grace.  

The socialist congresswoman went on to claim in a video posted to Instagram that the story of her faking being cuffed is merely a "conspiracy theory" and a "distraction" from "what's actually important," like the fact that Republicans are trying to restrict women's ability to murder their own child in the womb.

One could also argue that it's important to discuss the issue of radical leftist lawmakers like AOC lying to the American people, then lying about the lies.