Northam's Victory Party Was Interrupted by Pro-Sanctuary City Protesters

ashley.rae | November 8, 2017
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Democrat Ralph Northam’s victory speech at George Mason University Tuesday night was briefly interrupted by a group of protesters who opposed his recent remarks indicating he would sign a bill opposing sanctuary cities.

As Northam began to give his victory speech, protesters yelling and holding signs reading “sanctuary for all” interrupted the speech:

The chaos briefly caused a member of Northam’s security team to move him away from the stage.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported last week that Northam indicated he would sign a bill banning sanctuary cities across the state.

Northam explained, “If that bill comes to by desk ... I sure will. I’ve always been opposed to sanctuary cities. He [Gillespie] knows that.”

While clarifying his comments to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Northam claimed he would not support any bill that promoted “fearmongering,” but would still sign a bill banning sanctuary cities. Northam reportedly previously voted against a sanctuary city ban.

Despite Northam’s apparently new opposition to sanctuary cities, he won the support of Mason DREAMers’ internal vice president:

According to an email to GMU students, the victory event was open to staff and students, so it is unclear if students were protesting Northam’s position on sanctuary cities.

Northam won 54 percent of the vote compared to Republican Ed Gillespie’s 45 percent.

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