Northern Ireland’s Health Minister SUES Van Morrison Over COVID Mandate Criticism

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 16, 2021
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Rock and roll legend Van Morrison appears to be getting under the skin of the tax-fed “health” bureaucrat who helped smother the industry of live musicians – and many other fields of endeavor – in Northern Ireland.

As The Associated Press reports, via Fox KTVU:

Northern Ireland’s health minister is suing Van Morrison after the singer called him ‘very dangerous’ for his handling of coronavirus restrictions.

Because, of course, freedom of speech must bow to the state, especially when the state is engaged in propaganda, using faulty stats and estimates, disregarding clear info about the ineffectiveness of mRNA jabs, and STILL grabbing money from the very people it is shutting out of their own businesses.

The Belfast-born singer opposes restrictions to curb the spread of the virus, and has released several songs criticizing lockdowns. He denounced Northern Ireland Health Minister Robin Swann during a gathering at Belfast’s Europa Hotel in June after a Morrison concert was canceled at the last minute because of virus restrictions.

And there we see the AP making a claim without actually checking whether the “restrictions” did anything to “curb the spread of the virus.”

What a shock.

Is it the Associated Press, or Associated Propagandists?

The defamation suit relates to three incidents in which Morrison criticized Swann, calling him ‘a fraud’ and ‘very dangerous.’

So, get this. The bureaucrat who can shut people down - even as he can claim his living off the taxpayers - that guy claims the moral prerogative to sue one of the serfs, named Van Morrison, when the underling criticizes the “Health Minister.”

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Isn’t freedom of speech great? Isn’t it nice to see the “community minded” collectivist government stooge exhibit his eagerness to engage in debate and the investigation of info?

Swann then took to Rolling Stone to argue for shutting down Morrison, calling his claims ‘bizarre and irresponsible.’

Yeah. Irony.

Did anyone mention to Swann that he was using his freedom of speech to criticize Van Morrison, even as Swann works to silence Morrison?

Or is this a big, long-running gag? Is it a giant jape? An extended April Fool’s joke – extended from 2020 to today?

It’s certainly not funny. It’s been destructive, and Van Morrison has been heroic calling out the political pythons who have been strangling the people around them.

Now is a good time to relisten to Van Morrison’s new music, in which he promotes freedom.

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(Cover Photo: Jarle Vines)