THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Scaramucci Is Working On a Sitcom

Maureen Collins | August 15, 2017
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Have you been yearning to see more of the Mooch? Well, you are in luck. 

Ousted White House communications director Anthony "the Mooch" Scaramucci is said to be working on a sitcom. Yes, this is a real thing. 

Scaramucci mentioned the sitcom, entitled "Attack of the Swamp Monsters," to TMZ reporters. "It's very early," he said, "but I think there's a lot of fun content." 

The Mooch's time in "the swamp" was brief. He rose to fame a few short days after being named the White House communications director when he unleashed a profanity-laced tirade against his coworkers to the New Yorker magazine. 

Shortly after it was published, the Mooch was cut loose by the brand-new White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly. "I didn't think I'd last too long but I thought I'd last longer than a carton of milk," mused the Mooch, probably in his famous New-York-via-the-Jersey-Shore brogue. 

The Mooch appeared on Late Night with Stephen Colbert last night to talk about everything from Trump's comments on Charlottesville to Steve Bannon doing hot yoga. If you're not sure what that's about, read the now infamous New Yorker piece (reader discretion is advised, and I apologize in advance). 

Hopefully Scarramucci's new show will last longer than his tenure in the White House (a mere 10 days). Best of luck on your future endeavor, Mooch! 

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