Not a Joke: Chicago Alderman Suggests Citizens Blow a Whistle If They Witness Crime

Brittany M. Hughes | January 5, 2022

One Chicago alderman as a new and not-so-innovative approach to the shocking rise in local crime in the Windy City: if you see a crime happening, just blow a whistle…

…and run at the criminal?

This is a perfect example of what happens when you elect left-wing politicians who want to defund and dismantle police departments, then have no idea how to deal with the inveintable rise in crime that goes with it: you can inanity like this.

In response to the increase in violent crime, robberies, and shootings in Chicago, Alderman Michele Smith, who represents Lincoln Park, suggested bringing back a decades-old program called the “WhistleStop.”

“The WhistleStop program follows these rules,” Smith wrote in her December 22 email. “If you find yourself in a suspicious situation or witness a crime, blow your whistle. If you hear a whistle, call the police, then move toward the source while blowing your own whistle.”

It allows people to come to the victim’s aid, forces the offender to flee, and helps the police pinpoint the location of the crime,” Smith claimed, adding that she has a “limited supply” of whistles available in her office for anyone who might need one.

Yes, this is a real suggestion. From a real elected official. About a very real rise in local crime that saw at least 800 homicides – a 25-year-high – and at least 4,300 people shot in Chicago in 2021 alone.

But don’t worry about all the carjackings, the violent shootings, the illegal guns, the gangs, the robberies – just blow your whistle.

Like someone should on this absolutely insane idea.