Not Kidding: Democrat Rep. Suggests Someone May Have 'Planted' Classified Docs In Biden's Garage

Brittany M. Hughes | January 13, 2023
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Even the liberal water-carriers over at CNN are scratching their heads over how the Biden Administration could possibly prosecute former President Donald Trump for keeping classified documents in his personal possession after it was revealed this week that President Joe Biden kept classified stuff at his house from his time as Vice President, as well as at an office he used outside the White House. But according to at least one Democrat congressman, Biden's latest scandal may be nothing more than a Hollywood-worthy setup by the president's critics, who he suggested may have broken into the president's garage and stuffed a cardboard box full of secret documents before setting off the fire alarm and accusing Biden of a crime. 

Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson - who, you may recall, once asked a U.S. Army General whether a high population density might actually cause the island territory of Guam to capsize, so that's the IQ level we're working with here - actually suggested that the cache of classified documents found in a private office used by then-vice president Joe Biden and another pile later found in the garage of his Delaware beach house may have been planted there (presumably by Republicans) to try and make Biden look bad.

"Alleged classified documents showing up allegedly in the possession of, uh, of uh...Joseph Biden...there's so much that needs to be....uh...investigated...but I'm suspicious of the timing of it," Johnson told a reporter on the steps of the U.S. Capitol this week.

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"I'm also aware of the fact that things can be planted on people. Places and things can be planted...things can be planted in  places and then discovered conveniently. That may be what has occurred here. I'm not ruling that out," he then suggested.

Perhaps Johnson missed that the Biden Administration has already come out and admitted that the documents found both at UPenn's Chinese-funded Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, and others found later at Biden's personal residence, did in fact, contain classified information, making them a little more than just "alleged classified documents showing up allegedly" in Biden's possession. The White House also has made no suggestion that the documents may have been planted by political operatives, instead claiming that the files in question were just "inadvertently misplaced." 

We know how hard it is for Democrats to hold their own accountable. Even still, Johnson's reach here is laughable even by his own party's standards. 

Maybe he should go back to worrying about islands tipping over, and leave the big stuff to the grown-ups.