(Not a) Shocker: More than Half the Country Says They're Struggling Financially Thanks to Inflation

Brittany M. Hughes | September 9, 2022
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It may not come as a surprise – well, to anyone but the Biden administration, anyway – but it turns out the majority of Americans aren’t feeling so swell about the current economic situation, or how it’s impacting their own bank accounts.

And by “impacting,” I mean “draining.”

According to the latest poll from Gallup, 56 of Americans now say inflation is causing them personal financial hardship. For reference, that’s 7 percentage points higher than the 49 percent that said the same back in January, indicating that the higher cost of goods and services is starting to take an even heavier toll.

Of those, 12 percent of respondents classified their own financial hardship as “severe,” with another 44 calling it “moderate.”

And, not shockingly at all, the price hike is hitting those with leaner wallets even harder.

Of those whose annual household income is less than $48,000, 26% say prices are causing severe hardship for their families. Another 48% rank their financial problems as “moderate.”

Which, while not surprising, is just a bit ironic, given that Biden and his Democrat buddies often campaign on their supposed devotion to working class Americans and the poor.

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But middle and upper-class earners aren’t immune to the woes of 9% inflation and 15% grocery price hikes.

A full 63 percent of middle-class Americans – those earning between $48,000 and $90,000 a year – say they’re experiencing financial hardship amid the Biden economic dumpster fire – 17 percent higher than those who said the same last November.

Amid wealthier persons making north of $90k, 40 percent now say they’re having personal money problems, up from 28 percent in November.  

Put in layman’s terms, if 56% of a country with a population of about 330 million says they’re struggling, that means about 185 million Americans are worried about their financial situation thanks to Biden’s inflation.


But remember, y'all - it's totally not a recession.