Nude Cyclists Parade In Front of Children At Seattle 'Pride' Event

Brittany M. Hughes | June 27, 2022
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A group of naked bicyclists rode in circles in front of children and near a troop of Boy Scouts over the weekend as part of Seattle’s pride parade.

But remember! As the left consistently claims, this totally isn’t about grooming children and intentionally exposing them to sexual scenes.

Unfortunately, nudity and sex are all too common at so-called “pride” events, which seem to have far less to do with “gay pride” and are more focused on inventing new kinds of debauchery to put on display for shock value.

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At one pride event in Alaska, a drag queen in a mini-skirt and thong twerked and gyrated in front of a crowd that reportedly included kids.

At another, a naked man danced around sporting a Bugs Bunny mask.

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