NY AG Hosts Drag Story Hour For NYC Kids Using Taxpayer Money

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | March 16, 2023
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New York Attorney General Letitia James announced that she’s hosting a Drag Queen Story Hour this weekend for kids in Manhattan, an event the New York Post reports is “sparking outrage” given that its funding source is taxpayer money. 

The concrete jungle may not be what dreams are made of after all. 

The March 19 event is being sponsored by James and a nonprofit called "Drag Story Hour NYC." Supposedly, said non-profit has been “showered” in over $200,000 in taxpayer funds to shove drag queens in the faces of the city's children.

James posted a flyer for the event on Instagram and proclaimed, “My office is proud to host a Drag Story Hour read-a-thon on Sunday, March 19 from 11AM-3PM. We're inviting families to join us at the @lgbtcenternycwith @dragstoryhour, drag storytellers, community leaders, and elected officials.”


Hey, at least James isn’t hiding the fact that she has an agenda and is willing to push it!!

James was blasted over on Twitter for her supposed “grooming” and “indoctrination” of kids. 

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As a counter to the blasphemous drag event James is hosting, LibsofTikTok owner Chaya Raichik - who's also the author of a great, wholesome children’s book called "No More Secrets" - is hosting her own story hour down the street from James’ drag show, co-hosting the truly family-friendly event with Trent Talbot, author of “Fight For Freedom Island."

These conservative voices are right. It’s disgusting that New York’s taxpayer money is helping drag queens groom kids, but it's even more disgusting that James thinks this is something to be “proud" of. 

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