NYC Agrees to Pay $13M to Black Lives Matter Rioters

Sarah Merly | July 21, 2023
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When leftist cities hate law enforcement, they invariably end up rewarding injustice. For New York City, that means paying over $13 million to over 1,000 Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters.

While the settlement still awaits approval from a judge, it would be far from the first BLM payout. So far, these cases have drained the city of $12 million, simply because it was somehow “wrong” for the police to arrest those involved in BLM.

For instance, one of the plaintiffs, Adam Sow, believes the police were unreasonably brutal. Sow stated to ABC News 7 that “their group of marchers were trapped by police without warning. Sow and the other arrestees were placed in zip ties until their hands turned purple, then held in a sweltering correctional bus for several hours.”

“It was so disorganized but so intentional,” Sow claimed. “They seemed set on traumatizing everyone.”

Meanwhile, several attorneys are defending the police officers’ innocence. According to reporter Lawrence Richard of Fox News, “[a]ttorneys for the city maintained police officers were responding to a chaotic and unprecedented situation and highlighted unruly protests where police vehicles were set on fire and officers pelted with rocks and plastic bottles.”

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“There is no history–or present or future–of unconstitutional policing,” city attorney Georgia Pestana stated. “There is no frequent deprivation of constitutional rights.”

My heart goes out to NYC police officers. No matter the outcome of this settlement, they risk their lives every day, and as a result, the citizens of New York must treat them with dignity and respect.

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