NYC Dad: School Forcing Parents To Become BLM Activists

Eric Scheiner | May 6, 2021
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The New York City father who went viral after pulling his daughter out of an elite prep school because of their “obsession with race” is revealing more about the environment at The Brearley School.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Andrew Gutmann claims families that had children at the school were pressured to "advocate for Black Lives Matter." 


“It’s more than just a cirriculum, they advocated for Black Lives Matter and they want families to advocate for Black Lives Matter,” he said, 

“It’s that ‘if you just stay silent, you’re racist.’ You have to be an activist for that. If you are not an activist for this anti-racism initiative, for Black Lives Matter, for example, you are racist, you are a bad person, you are an oppressor, you are not doing the right thing.”

The school “made it seem like they’re going to integrate this racial curriculum, this anti-racism curriculum, into everything — every class, into math, into gym, P.E.. It was sort of shocking that they were taking this to that degree of integrating it into everything,” Gutmann said, "It's just become pervasive."


H/T Fox News

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