NYC Police Investigating 'Hate Crime' After Man Poops On a 'Pride' Flag

Brittany M. Hughes | May 1, 2023
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A man is under investigation for an alleged hate crime after he pooped on a gay pride flag outside a New York City restaurant last month in a display of heinousness so horrifying, it deserves its own level of criminality.

According to this, a (likely mentally ill) man was caught on surveillance footage on April 15 draping a rainbow flag over a chair before popping a squat and defecating on the fabric, just outside a Buceo 95’s restaurant at West 95th Street and Amsterdam Ave. The man then allegedly used another pride flag to wipe his rear before carving a smiley face into the mess.

Which, I think we can all agree, is pretty gross, and probably warrants at least some level of accountability. After all, smearing one's feces in public spaces isn't exactly on the up-and-up. What’s ridiculous, however, is that crapping on a piece of cloth somehow carries a level of seriousness greater than simply taking a dump in a restaurant’s flowerbed.

But, this is New York City, where criminal investigation often goes hand-in-hand with how marginalized a perp or his victim may be.

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In this particular story, the rub seems to come from the fact that not only did this guy poop on the left's sacred flag, but that he did it outside a restaurant known for employing a large number of LGBTQ employees, including professional drag queens.

“It’s definitely a punch to the gut,” General Manager Nathan Nolen Edwards said, per New York Post. “We certainly haven’t experienced anything to this degree. A defecation on a pride flag is not the norm here.”

Apparently bereft of enough Subway assaults to look into and murders to solve, NYC police say they’re still looking for the dump-and-dasher and are now investigating the incident as more than just a guy defecating in public, a sight that’s become all too common on the streets of blue-controlled cities.

Just don’t use a pride flag as toilet paper - then you're basically a terrorist.

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