Obama Attacks Free Speech: 'We Have to Take Steps to Detoxify Our Discourse'

Nick Kangadis | June 10, 2022
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Never underestimate former President Barack Obama’s ability to influence the world through his rhetoric, which has only gone further and further left over the years. And with his most recent comments — along with the rest of the far-left all but saying that your rights are expendable — free speech is something that Obama doesn’t seem too fond of…when it doesn’t expand upon his far-left, global vision.

The extreme left Obama spoke at yet another globalist conference on Friday when he took time to give a speech at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit.

Oh, and about your free speech? Yeah, he’s not fan.

“We have to take steps to detoxify our discourse,” Obama self-righteously said, “particularly the scourge of disinformation, conspiracy theories and hate online that has polluted our political discourse.”

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What political discourse? Democrats and Republicans fight for the cameras in order to keep people as divided as possible, while one enacts some form of policy that positively affects very few and the other talks a big game but does nothing to stop it.

Welcome to the “Uni-party.”

We’ve seen what the left considers “toxic” in the past, whether it’s masculinity, conservatism, being straight, white or just plain women who want to compete in sports against other biological women.

How about the former president detoxify himself first, let us know how that goes and then we’ll consider his edicts masquerading as requests? Go away, Barry.


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