OB/GYN Questions Abortion Status Quo: ‘Elective Abortion Is Never Good Medicine’

Jessica Kramer | September 9, 2022
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After a misjudgment in the delivery room, OB/GYN Dr. John Bruchalski realized that with every pregnant woman he attends, there are two patients—the mother and her unborn child.

Bruchalski started his medical career offering a full range of services, including abortions. But he experienced a profound conversion of heart following a live birth during a late-term abortion procedure.

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His new book, “Two Patients” is the story of how a physician who practiced abortion came to question the medical status quo and to pioneer an approach to reproductive medicine that supports fertility counseling, natural family planning, and families that have received an adverse prenatal diagnosis for their child.

Watch the video above to learn more about Bruchalski and his views on abortion, mercy, and poper medical care.

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Cover Photo: Skitterphoto

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