Occupier Thanks Former Soviet Citizen for 'Converting' Him to Capitalism, Pro-Israel, Pro-USA

Joe Schoffstall | May 8, 2012
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This is just downright amazing and frankly I'm surprised this video slipped under the radar.

Here, a man who was born and lived for decades in the Soviet Union successfully converts an Occupier to Capitalism, to understand Israel's side of the Middle East conflict, and to pro-American ideals all within a 15 minute time frame. He even thanks the man afterwards.

Give props where they're due, at least the Occupier was willing to hear the man out without screaming in his face, unlike almost every single one of them. 

The video was shot during the May Day protests in New York City on May 1, 2012, but is definitely worth posting now for people to view. 

Now, this isn't the first time this man has taken on Occupiers. He did so before back in October 2011, which is equally as great as he schools the socialists he confronts at Zuccotti Park in NYC.