Occupiers Claim They Wont Break Law at CPAC

Stephen Gutowski | February 8, 2012
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Despite all of the reports surrounding OccupyDC's plans to violently disrupt the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference occupiers we talked to yesterday claimed they would not use violent means to get their message across. Here is what they told Dan Joseph:

See? No need to worry. Even the occupiers' Barney Frank impersonator is sure they wont use violence to protest cpac. Therefore nobody needs to think they will.

After all it isn't like the occupy movement is famous for rioting as they scream "f*** the police" or using small children as props while they fight with police. Heck, it isn't like sexual assaults and rapes have been reported since the earliest days of the occupy movement or anything. I challenge anybody to find me even one single arrest made during an occupy event!

So, you see, there is zero reason to ever think this band of courageous idealists would ever turn violent. In fact, to even imagine the possibility is just silly. Amiright?