Occupiers Want Feudalism Back, Swords and All

Stephen Gutowski | December 12, 2011
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The Occupiers in Portland were caught today with, among other things, a loaded gun whose permit was expired and a sword. Yea, a sword.

As bizarre as that sounds, and obviously is, it's also quite fitting for this group of rag tag liberals. After all they essentially want to bring back a form of feudalism... so why not swords too? After all they want to take from those who are actually working, give it to themselves, all while they sit up in their tower and shout down at the rest of us demands about how much salt we can eat or what kind of light bulbs we can buy.

Of course, as I described last week, this is nothing new. Most far left schemes since the dawn of progressivism center around the basic idea that a group of elites should sit in their castles, tell the rest of us how to live our lives, and survive off the backs of people who are actually productive. Everything the far left does is designed to put us one more step down that road to serfdom.