Occupy DC Plans Chaos At CPAC

Joe Schoffstall | February 7, 2012
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A quick note to people attending CPAC, Occupy DC is planning for mayhem.

Open meetings were held to discuss how the Occupy crowd could do their best to wreck the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) being held at the Marriott Wardman hotel in Washington, D.C from February 9-11. 

The meetings began last Thursday and lasted until Saturday. During these meetings, protesters began throwing around ideas for confusion and chaos that include dressing like Ron Paul supporters since they "generally look like hippies", pulling fire alarms, screaming 'fire' during activities, "glitter-bombing" participants, blocking entrances to the hotel, and cutting electrical power- as first reported by Lachlan Markay at the Heritage Foundation.

 The person who obtained all the information said “Speakers will be physically assaulted, not just verbally confronted." Two Occupiers, who the informant also identified as members of the New Black Panther Party, “said they would be disappointed if they didn’t get arrested and planned to ‘make it count.’"

“Mitt [Romney] has Secret Service now, but [Newt] Gingrich and [Andrew] Breitbart don’t", said another planner. 

Other means of 'infiltration' the group threw around was registering some people as 'student participants'- given  the price for admission is heavily discounted- and making fake badges. Rooms were booked by labor unions in the Marriott Wardman as well. Labor unions also have planned activities for Thursday and Friday. 

Occupy DC is not remaining quiet on their plans; they have posted how they will show up on their website. However, they make sure to cover their bases by telling people to remain as ‘peaceful as possible’.

They write:

"Our Mission: Occupy CPAC. Create as much peaceful resistance as possible, and make this a conference the attendees will never forget."

We will be joining in solidarity with the AFL-CIO, SEIU, National Nurses United, Metro Labor Council, OurDC, and more to make our voices heard in our increasingly top-down, money-corrupted democracy. We will have actions on Friday at noon and 5pm (for Scott Walker’s speech at the Reagan Banquet), and on Saturday we will meet at Malcolm X Park at 16th and Euclid at noon to march to the Marriott."

Only during meetings which they think they’re amongst themselves do they show their true intentions.