Oh Oh, It's MAGIC! White House Spox Says 'There Happened To Be No Migrants' During Biden's El Paso Visit

Brittany M. Hughes | January 11, 2023
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If ever there were a person who has found themselves wildly far out of their depth, it has to be White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Or, given that her boss wanders around more than Stevie Wonder in an LA blackout, perhaps she fits right in.

The bumbling, perpetually confused spokesperson for the Biden administration offered what might be her most laughable excuse yet, this time pertaining to President Joe Biden's recent visit to the Southwest U.S. border where, coincidentally, he didn't actually see any illegal aliens.

Pressed by Fox News' Peter Doocy on why Biden didn't actually meet with any of the thousands of migrants who've streamed into El Paso daily in the past two years, or why he didn't visit any of the maxed-out shelters and migrant homeless camps to witness his administration's humanitarian crisis himself, Jean-Pierre lamely claimed that there simply " happened to be no migrants" at the time of Biden's visit.

"He didn't talk to any migrants and he didn't go anywhere that people actually cross illegally. Why not?" Doocy correctly asserted.

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"Well he...he met...he went to the migrant center, which is a critical place to be when you think about the partners who are..are...our partners who are helping support the migrants on the ground there. There happened to be no migrants at the facility at the time that he visited," she claimed.

"But El Paso's been crushed. The shelters are full. There are overflow migrants sleeping in the streets. And then just suddenly it's a coincidence that the president shows up and then...?" Doocy pressed.

Jean-Pierre then suggested that migration just magically died down on its own right before Biden's visit, before making the mind-boggling claim that "[Biden] has done more than any prior president to secure the border."

Which must be why a record-shattering 2.76 million illegal aliens crossed the Southwest U.S. border last year alone, and another 1.6 crossed the year before that.

Or, for those of us dealing in the world of facts and truth, reports quickly surfaced last week revealing that local officials shooed away illegal alien vagrants, ramped up apprehensions and expulsions, and swept the streets clean of migrant homeless camps ahead of Biden's visit, providing the president with a lovely, sanitized version of El Paso and angering locals who wanted the president to face the crisis his policies have triggered.