Oilers' Evander Kane Rushed To Hospital After Gruesome Injury

John Simmons | November 9, 2022
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Edmonton Oilers forward Evander Kane was the victim of a freak accident in his team's matchup against the Tampa Bay Lightning last night.

During the second period, Kane was attempting to clear the puck out of his defensive zone when he and Lightning forward Philippe Myers awkwardly collided, sending Kane down to the ice. Kane’s left hand was still on the ground when Lightning forward Pat Maroon jumped in to join the play, and in the process Maroon’s skate ran over Kane’s exposed wrist. Immediately, blood gushed from the wound and the Oilers star rushed to the bench for help.

Here's the video of the incident. Fair warning, it's graphic.

Maroon looked back at Kane after the play and he - and all of Tampa Bay’s bench - instantly alerted Edmonton’s bench to be ready to receive Kane once he got over. 

“When you see that much blood, you know there’s something wrong,” Maroon said. “Obviously the boys are really worried about him, we’re all thinking about Evander. Hopefully he’s good right now, but you don’t see that much blood without something being serious.”

Kane was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, where Oilers general manager Ken Holland said he would be stabilized and then have surgery on his wrist and that he would be okay long term.

The Oilers ended up winning the game for their comrade, 3-2, with Edmonton captain Connor McDavid tallying a goal and an assist on five shots.

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