Olbermann Mad At McCain For 'Stealing' Hillary's Ads

kpicket | August 27, 2008
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By Kerry Picket Mainstream news anchors covering the Democratic National Convention are getting more impatient by the day as the McCain campaign broadcasts ads using Hillary Clinton's own words against Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. MSNBC anchorman Keith Olbermann was visibly annoyed not only with the Democrats' lack of counter-punches to the McCain campaign but also angry at the McCain campaign for "stealing" Hillary Clinton's primary campaign ads for the GOP senator's current ad campaign. Olbermann asked former Clinton press secretary Dee Dee Myers: "Dee Dee, whose mission is it...when does it happpen? When does somebody get mad at John McCain for stealing Hillary Clinton's ad and putting his name at the end of it, which is among other things the least creative thing we have seen on this campaign. When do Democrats get angry and take advantage of the free TV time?" With such impatience and anger coming from Olbermann, the Democrats may only need to harness some of his current emotions to get the Democrats fired up. Perhaps the McCain ads weren't so uncreative after all.
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