One Lesson to Learn From Our Current Situation: Stop Watching The Leftist News

Nick Kangadis | March 27, 2020
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Hey, folks! Thanks for coming here to check out my latest commentary. Since all sports have pretty much been cancelled for the time being, there isn't much material to record a new edition of Out Of Left Field. Hopefully, you'll find this commentary a decent substitution. 

The leftist media has done everything in their power to misinform all of you during this time of crisis. If President Trump says up, they look to find what's below down in order to make him and the country's response to the virus look bad. The politicians aren't much better, either.

It's not enough that people are already worried about their families, friends and themselves during this time. The media and politicians have done their best to make everyone as paranoid as possible so that you'll keep your eyes glued to them.

I say...don't let them!

Check out my latest commentary where I'll once again tell the truth about a media that cares not one bit about the people they supposedly serve.

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