Online Magazine Editor Avoids Hiring From Ivy Leagues, Says It's Now a 'Negative They Have to Overcome in the Interview'

Libby | June 9, 2021
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Rusty Reno, editor of First Things online magazine, told “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday that he steers clear of hiring Ivy League graduates because they are too woke.

What used to be a positive, Reno explained, now is a “negative they have to overcome in the interview.”

Though he admits that there are students who are exceptions to this generalization, he notes that many graduates from these top institutions “have a distorted view of reality.” Reno cites the progressive notion of preferred pronouns as a setback to their professional productivity.

“How can you get work done if everybody is tiptoeing around the office worrying about triggering someone?” Reno said, questioning the emphasis on political correctness and pronouns that many woke graduates blindly follow.

This evolution of Ivy League graduates has especially manifested in the past decade, according to Reno. Even if the graduate was not engaging in the woke movement on campus, their complacency by attending the college or university yet staying silent is enough to be a negative as well.

“Student activists don’t represent the majority of students,” Reno wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. “But I find myself wondering about the silent acquiescence of most students. They allow themselves to be cowed by charges of racism and other sins.”

“I don’t want to hire a person well-practiced in remaining silent when it costs something to speak up,” he notes. “Even those who aren’t woke, seem damaged by the experience.”

Attending an Ivy League university used to signal an impressive candidate. But now, it may actually serve as a red flag to employers.