Oops: Antifa Accidentally Attacks Pro-Abortion Center During Riots

Michael Ippolito | June 28, 2022
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The left’s rage about the inability to murder children is such that they have begun to attack their own. The leftist militant groups are willing to burn and destroy anything that stands in their way, even if the building’s on their side! 

In the leftist stronghold of Portland, Oregon, the local Antifa group attacked a pro-abortion pregnancy center during their night of rage, as reported by the Post Millenial

Maura White, the Executive Director of the Mother and Child Education Center and pro-choice liberal democrat, told Fox and Friends that the militants attacked her center on June 25.  The pro-abortion barbarians believed her center was anti-abortion and targeted it with no second thought. “The violence was horrible,” White said. “My organization, we are nonprofit, and we help moms, families, kids in need, babies from zero to 5 years old. We're just there to help 

people. So, they mistakenly thought that we were out here doing anti-abortion and everything." 

According to NY Post, the total cost of the damage is at least $10,000, with the clinic’s window destroyed and spray-painted leftist slogans on the property. 

"The violence was horrible.”

A pregnancy resource charity in Portland, Ore. that was smashed up by #Antifa at their riot on Saturday night is actually not anti-abortion. The executive director of @MomChildPDX is a pro-choice liberal. https://t.co/zbXcOMUV4I

— Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈 (@MrAndyNgo) June 27, 2022

And they went on to terrorize much of Northeast Portland. According to Portland Police Bureau, the group attacked a coffee shop, a local bakery, a parked Telsa, two banks, and a public school bus. Antifa left behind its signature anarchist symbol and slogans, “F*ck SCOTUS’, “Death To SCOTUS,” “Abolish public schools,” “BLM,” and “AFA (Anti-Fascist Action).” It Looks like Antifa showed how “mythical” they are. 

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Since it caved to the mob and defunded its police department, Portland has been the epicenter of leftist violence. Portland police officers were severely limited in response due to a lack of resources. "Officers were monitoring the crowd, but did not have resources to intervene in the moment. At the time of this event, there was an injury shooting and a stabbing in East Precinct, and a felony assault in Central Precinct. Additionally, a community festival in North Precinct was underway, an impromptu "dance party" drew approximately 1000 people to Irving Park, and they held a march and blocked traffic. There were also calls about speed racers doing stunts in various parts of Portland," PPB said. The police could not even arrest these militants.

These deranged left-wing militants hold no standard and will destroy almost anything during their adult temper tantrums. So much for the tolerant left.