Open And Transparent? Biden Team Disables Reporters' Live Chat On Virtual 'Press Conferences'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | January 22, 2021
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What a shock!

Wasn’t it Donald Trump who hated free speech?

Oh, wait. He merely criticized biased “reporters” and called out “really fake news.”

Joe Biden appears to be operating much more in the mold of Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, who actually took government actions to stifle reporters.

As Emily Zanotti writes for Daily Caller, Biden’s “team” shut down reporters in what appears to be a bad start for “transparency” within the new Administration.

Democrat Joe Biden’s White House transition team has reportedly disabled the chat function on their Zoom virtual press conferences after invited journalists began complaining about the group’s lack of transparency.

That’s a no-no. We can’t have the “virtual President” crawl out of the basement and face REAL questions. This is 2021! Everything is virtual, including the devotion of the left to actual openness and freedom of the press.

Not a “thing” in the Biden era. It’s all about favoritism for the dinosaur left “news” outlets. For other reporters, it's “no soup for you” from the Zoom patrol speech police.

As The Daily Wire reported last week, reporters were becoming ‘frustrated’ with the Biden team — and Joe Biden himself — because the team appeared to have a slate of favored journalists who were always called upon to ask questions during the team’s virtual press conferences.

And who are those “elite” reporters under this new paradigm of ‘reconciliation’ and warm hugs Biden and his leftist pals keep claiming are so important? 

The ‘New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, PBS and Politico’ were given the opportunity to ask questions of the team at nearly every press conference, while even mainstream media outlets like The Associated Press were shut out.

And when reporters complained, the Biden team simply shut down the Zoom chat.

’The Biden transition team appears to have disabled the public chat function on its transition zoom calls, a place where I and others had been routinely complaining to them to take more questions,’ incoming Politico editor Sam Stein said on Twitter, per Fox News.

Because one cannot question the figures telling everyone ELSE to be welcoming of alternative views, telling everyone ELSE to conform and comply.

Like his former boss, Barack Obama, who attempted to use the WWI era Espionage Act more than all Presidents COMBINED (can you say, "constitutional insult"?!) to punish reporters, Mr. Biden seems completely disinterested in being open and transparent, or even willing to acknowledge freedom of the press, even as he and his ilk tell Americans to "reconcile" -- i.e. comply and show no hint of questioning the expansive government.

Isn’t hypocrisy great?