Open for Invasion: Report Says Border Patrol 'Admitted' to Welding 114 Border Wall Gates Open

Nick Kangadis | August 24, 2023
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The world invasion of the U.S. — which seems to be aided by President Joe Biden’s regime — has gotten to an uncontrollable state. People jokingly say that people are just pouring into the country. But, when your government looks to be the one to have opened the faucet, it should come as no surprise that the trickle of people coming into the U.S. has turned into a waterfall.

According to the New York Post, U.S. Border Patrol has now admitted that they’ve welded over 100 border gates open to prevent them from being closed in order to stem the flow of illegal immigrants into the U.S. into Arizona.

The Post reported:

The US Border Patrol has now admitted it’s responsible for the decision to leave giant flood gates in the border wall wide open — giving thousands of illegal immigrants an easy opportunity to stream into Arizona.

After some initial finger-pointing at other federal agencies, the agency took ownership for making the call.[…]

A couple of weeks earlier, Border Patrol agents, acting on superiors’ orders, welded some 114 gates open to stop anyone from closing them — which the agents had repeatedly been doing in a bid to stop people from being able to cross the border.

That's right - 114 gates. One might think that was criminal activity in the sense that the move only hurts the U.S.

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Perhaps the worst part of all this, besides the flood of people whose first act on U.S. soil is to break the law, is that different agencies within the Biden regime have passed the hot potato of who is directly responsible for the move to basically ignore that we have a southern border.

The Post also reported that they “reached out to CBP” [U.S. Customs and Border Protection], who kicked the can down the road to other agencies, who in turn denied any involvement.

While Border Patrol has reportedly “admitted” to making the move, the fact that all these agencies are passing the buck seems to mean that the entire Biden regime is in on the act.

Think of it this way. When's the last time the “border czar,” Vice President Kamala Harris, visited the border? Does she even know where it is? Sure, she went once, but to an area that wasn’t close to the biggest problem the U.S. is facing along the practically non-existent southern border.

The sad part is that no one is talking about the northern border at all, so you can only imagine what Canada is sending our way.

For the Post's video on the situation, watch below:



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