Ottawa Couple's Account of Talking to Freedom Convoy Protesters DESTROYS Media Narrative

Nick Kangadis | February 11, 2022
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The protests in Ottawa, Canada, along with the Freedom Convoy, is continuing despite multiple governments attempts to squelch their right to protest. And no matter what the establishment corporate — and sometimes government — media is pushing out about the protests as their “official narrative,” REAL people are taking it upon themselves to talk to the protesters and find out what the truth about the situation.

Two Ottawa residents, identified as Alycia and Soungui, were interviewed in a video posted to Twitter where they spoke about conversing with those in the Freedom Convoy and other protesters standing along with them.

For context, Soungui said that he owns a gym in downtown Ottawa and hasn’t been inconvenienced in the least by the ongoing protest.

“My business has not been interrupted by any of what’s been going on with the protests,” Soungui said. “I am in full support of the protests, because I’ve actually taken the time to come down and speak to these people, get to know them, get to know why they’re here and hear their stories, which is what a lot of people aren’t doing.”

Amen! None of the people in the establishment corporate media have spent one second at this protest or even tried to speak to those within the freedom convoy. In all honesty, they’re probably just upset that the truckers won’t simply succumb to the mandates so that they’re not personally inconvenienced because their new cellphone didn’t arrive on time.

Soungui echoed that sentiment.

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“I believe that most people that are just spewing out hate and all this ugly language towards these truckers," Soungui said. "Those are the people who are staying at home and not making the effort to come downtown and talk to these people.”

To her credit, the woman known as Alycia spoke of how the reality of the situation concerning how the protesters are acting directly contradicts what we hear in the elitist media.

“So far, every single person we have met has just met us with so much love, so much understanding, so much peace and they’ve made me cry so many times just hearing their incredible stories for what they’re fighting for,” Alycia added.

Soungui made a great point when spoke of how he brought his mother, who regularly watches the establishment media, downtown to see the situation for herself.

“I brought my mother downtown, and she watches news religiously. So she sees what’s going on, and she only hears from them,” Soungui continued. “I brought her down here, she’s like, ‘I don’t know what [the media’s] talking about on the news. These people are so friendly.’ And this is coming from a person who only gets her information from the news.”

Folks, I’ve covered liberal protests, socialist protests, communist protests, pro-life protests, pro-Second Amendment protests, you name it. You don’t truly know about how certain people function in those situations until you see for yourself. The establishment corporate media isn’t going to tell you the truth, so it’s upon us to find out for ourselves.

H/T: Louder with Crowder

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