OUCH: White House Press Sec Falls All Over Herself Trying to Explain Biden's Open Borders

Brittany M. Hughes | September 15, 2022
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If you were looking for a perfect example of why not to hire someone simply for diversity’s sake, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is it.

The Biden spokesperson - who’s perhaps best known for stumbling over her own words nearly as much as her boss, but who has the protective benefit of being a black gay woman - tried and abysmally failed to answer a reporters’ question about Biden's open-border policies, instead offering up more “ums” than a toddler trying to explain why he took a forbidden cookie from the jar.

“Does the White House stand by those comments that the border is secure?" the reporter asked KJP Thursday, referencing the recent, mind-boggling claim by Vice President Kamala Harris that the border, besieged by unprecedented numbers of illegal alien crossings, is, in fact, closed.

And KJP’s "answer" was too jumbled to transcribe.

To their eternal credit, someone over at the Liberty Daily tried to put her response into print, and here’s what they came up with:

“What we stand by is we are doing everything that we can, uh, to make sure that um, uh, that we follow the process that’s been put forth, that’s why we have, uh, historic funding, uh, to do just that, to make sure that, um, uh, you know, uh, um, uh, to make sure that, um, uh, to make sure that the folks that we encounter at the border to be removed, uh, or expelled.”


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A quick note to those who may one day find themselves needing to hire a spokesperson (or, frankly, an employee for any other reason): don't employ them simply because they're a black lesbian. Maybe make sure they can, I don't know, actually do the job for which they're being hired, first.

And to those still waiting for the answer to the reporters' question: Yes, the border is still wide open.

And no, the president doesn't want to admit it.

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