'Our Future Is Being Gambled Away': Leo DiCaprio Calls Out 'Climate Change Deniers' But Still Rides in His Private Jet

Ferlon Webster Jr. | September 30, 2019
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Actor Leonardo DiCaprio took shots at President Donald Trump and “climate change deniers” at the 2019 Global Citizen’s Festival in New York on Saturday.

“In the four years since the Paris Agreement — it’s been four years. It has become clear that our political leaders have failed to live up to the promises that we celebrated that day,” he said as he read his script from the teleprompter.

“Our future is being gambled away, and our leaders, those whom we entrust to protect us and set the example, are either failing to stop these dangerous trends or, in some cases, denying the very science of this climate catastrophe,” he continued. “And make no mistake, our scientific communities has already spoken. The facts are clear. Unless you live in an alternate reality, there’s no more time for denial.”

DiCaprio went on to worship Greta Thunberg and the youth who follow her.

“They set an example of true leadership that we desperately need right now,” he said. “These young people have said clearly, definitively, and without fear that the time for inaction is now over.”

“Yet surprisingly, some have reacted to this movement with insulting Tweets and negative talking points. Individuals that seem to care more about profit and their own self-interests than about your future.”

Was DiCaprio talking about himself in the second point?

It wasn’t long before people on social media reminded the 44-year-old showing he wasn’t practicing what he was preaching. They posted photos of Leo boarding his private jet to his next destination right after he gave the climate speech rebuking people for doing the same thing he was about to do. 

To be honest, I doubt DiCaprio even understands most of what he was saying (or rather, reading) to the crowd. He’s an actor, and is probably just performing in another role which takes place on our world stage.