Out of Touch Howard Stern and Neil Young Revisit Why Young Left Spotify, Unable to Say Joe Rogan's Name

Nick Kangadis | January 17, 2023
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There are certain people who have accumulated a certain amount of power and influence to the point that they become the very things they’ve railed against for years. Essentially, these people who used to point out the problems are now part of those problems.

Take radio host Howard Stern and legendary Canadian rocker Neil Young, for example.

Howard Stern used to be the rebel of all rebels, not caring about being fined endless amounts of money by the government for the things he said and did, whether you agree with them or not. Now, Stern doesn’t give one damn about your personal freedoms as long as he feels you’re medicated enough to be around him.

Neil Young was supposed to be this rebellious rocker who did things his own way, shunning massive super groups in favor of doing his own thing. Now, Young feels he rages against the machine by allowing other people to tell him what other people might be saying on podcasts that don’t align with establishment narratives.

So it should come as no surprise that Stern and Young held a mutual admiration pow-wow on Stern’s show and are such “rebels” that neither one of them could even mention the name of the person they’ve directed their venom towards, podcast host Joe Rogan.

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After Stern kissed so much of Young’s behind that he needed Chapstick, Young explained his position on why he felt it necessary to leave music streaming service, Spotify.

I woke up one morning and I heard somebody say there was some scientists were saying something about COVID, or some doctors, and they were saying something about COVID and how many people were dying in the hospitals and misinformation and you see all the nurses and everything. These people are with these people who are dying. This is their life. That’s what they do. They try to save people. So these people were distressed by the fact that Spotify was doing this misinformation with some show they had. And I listened to it, and they were saying [Rogan’s] purposefully saying this stuff that he knows isn’t true about COVID, and people are dying, you know. I just called up my management and said, ‘We’re outta there. You know, get me off, and we’ll be fine.’

So he heard all these things about what Rogan allegedly said secondhand, supposedly listened to it himself and then made the decision to remove his music.

First, he heard about all of this secondhand. Secondly, once he listened to it, he still deferred to his people who he said told him that Rogan was lying about all these things. Who knows, but those people were probably in the entertainment industry and therefore highly ill-informed or misinformed.

Rogan has been proven correct over and over again months after the initial outrage, because at the time of him saying those things, establishment powers-that-be had their financial interests to protect and narratives to push. Rogan was a threat to their wallets and needed to be stopped.

Luckily, cowards like Young and Stern with all their bluster couldn’t take Rogan down.

For the comments between Stern and Young, watch below:



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