30% of 'Temp Stations' Feeding Climate Cult 'Crisis' Don't Actually Exist

P. Gardner Goldsmith | April 21, 2024
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It is with mixed feelings that one reports on yet another revelation exposing the collectivist Climate Cult and many of its tax-funded members. On the one hand, each inexcusable and stunning example of bias and underhanded data manipulation adds to the library of extant evidence telling the world about this insidious, idiotic grift.



And that’s heartening, since it makes the rip-off and the wrongdoers ever more obvious.

On the other hand, it’s a bit frustrating to know how long many people have been warning a relatively numb populace about the illegitimate claims and backroom deals, the fascist politicians and bureaucrats playing favorites with what they variously describe as “electric, green, sustainable, carbon-neutral, stakeholder” etc., business interests and the so-called “scholars” who back them and also get a portion of the lucre. Perhaps because we battle entrenched media and a special interest cabal who stifle us, we have had to wait a long time before sizeable numbers of people, worldwide, have caught on to our warnings and investigations.

But this time, the news is so massive, perhaps even your neighbor wearing his “Anthony Fauci for Emperor” and buying so-called Carbon Credits is hearing the news.

The news is the revelation that more than 30 percent of the “temperature stations” on which the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) relies for its manipulated mixture of temp data is fabricated make-believe for a make-believe “crisis” in order to arm politicians here and in international agencies with alarming reports about how close our use of efficient petrochemical energy is taking us to their fantastical “climate” apocalypse.

Katie Spence reports for The Epoch Times:

“When recalling past temperatures to make comparisons to the present, and, more importantly, inform future climate policy, officials such as (UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres) Mr. Guterres and President Biden rely in part on temperature readings from the United States Historical Climatology Network (USHCN).

The network was established to provide an ‘accurate, unbiased, up-to-date historical climate record for the United States,’ NOAA states, and it has recorded more than 100 years of daily maximum and minimum temperatures from stations across the United States.”

And, of course, the evidence suggests that the are far, far, from “accurate and unbiased.”

We all know how much they care. They care so much that, rather than ask us for our money, as peaceful people might do, and rather than having open debates and showing their data and sources from the outset, the big movers and shakers behind the NOAA reports take our cash through compulsion, and appear revealed as the fabricators that scandals such as ClimateGate One and Two showed many of the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) “climate researchers” to be.

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It looks like their unscrupulous method of “caring” with our cash is being exposed even more.

“’They are physically gone—but still report data—like magic,’ said Lt. Col. John Shewchuk, a certified consulting meteorologist. ‘NOAA fabricates temperature data for more than 30 percent of the 1,218 USHCN reporting stations that no longer exist.”

As Spence notes, Shewchuk calls these “ghost stations,” almost the flipside of what occurred when the Soviet Union collapsed in the 1990s, when the USSR stopped funding temp stations in Siberia. The closures eliminated a large chunk of relatively cooler temperatures from the IPCC datasets. But the “climate researchers” did not compensate for the change in their data pool, which then had a higher ratio of temp stations from warmer regions.

“Mr. Shewchuck said USHCN stations reached a maximum of 1,218 stations in 1957, but after 1990 the number of active stations began declining due to aging equipment and personnel retirements. NOAA still records data from these ghost stations by taking the temperature readings from surrounding stations, and recording their average for the ghost station, followed by an ‘E,’ for estimate.

The addition of the ghost station data means NOAA’s ‘monthly and yearly reports are not representative of reality,’ said Anthony Watts, a meteorologist and senior fellow for environment and climate at the Heartland Institute.

‘If this kind of process were used in a court of law, then the evidence would be thrown out as being polluted.’"

And that is precisely a major part of the problem underlying the political and pop media climate scam. They assume, foremost, two things.

First, they assume that government can make a claim for damage and tell people what their peaceful activity “costs” the world. That’s not only impossible and arrogant, it is an arrogation of private tort action, and only via traditional tort law can people (not abstractions like the state, in its generic philosophical terminology) bring suit against others for harm to themselves or their property. Since political states are not people, they cannot claim tortious harm, but politicians know that most people are unaware of this, and they claim to be the protectors, the paladins, forbidding peaceful use of engines and oil heat and natural gas and coal via ex-ante diktats, without anyone actually bringing a personal injury tort suit against a user of fuel.

As a result, and as Watts notes, there is no argument, no evidence put before a jury. There is propaganda, data manipulation, and threats to shut down our freedom of choice, travel, and speech.

“Mr. Shewchuk said the USHCN data is the only long-term historical temperature data the United States has.

‘In these days of apparent ‘climate crisis,’ you would think that maintaining actual temperature reporting stations would be a top priority—but they instead manufacture data for hundreds of non-existent stations. This is a bizarre way of monitoring a climate claimed to be an existential threat,’ he said.

‘Observed data is real. Altered and fabricated data is not real. Period.’

The website, noaacrappy, lists all of the ghost, or ‘zombie’ stations, their location, how long they’ve been closed, and then links to NOAA’s recordings."

Will this news spread? Will people with heart and a devotion to honesty tell their friends and try to expose the conniving political thugs?

They’d better act quickly, after all, President Biden Friday further restricted oil and gas drilling on so-called “federal land” in Alaska, an edict that reminds us that the U.S. government has no constitutionally granted power to run land in Alaska. Indeed, Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan (R) just spoke up to protest Biden’s move.

The fight is not over, and it is not lost.

If truthful, concerned people call the politicians and their tax-fed climate-fear sycophants to task, if people remind others about the insane sources of the data such as these “ghost stations” and stations located on airport tarmacs, a few more folks might scratch their heads and wonder.

The deeper problems, concerning the “cost of carbon” penalties, the feds working to shut down farms and stop grazing on land, the subsidies to EV makers? Those all deserve lots of sanitizing light, as well. But we can open a few eyes with this, right now.