Biden 'Energy Loan Czar' Invested In Struggling Energy Co. Set To Get $1.5 Billion From 'Czar’s' Office

P. Gardner Goldsmith | January 9, 2024
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Perhaps inspired by his Department of Energy Head (DOE) Jennifer Granholm, who pocketed almost $2 million in stock options given to her by an “electric vehicle” bus company that she helped get fed money (i.e. OUR tax cash) when she was Governor of Michigan (and which filed for bankruptcy, shortly after she got to sell her stock), a new report reveals that the DOE’s so-called “Energy Loan Czar” is “fast-tracking” a perfidiously tainted “loan” from his office.

Perhaps you’re feeling some “vibes,” here, some warnings inspired by the fact that the unconstitutional, Trump-endorsed, “Paycheck Protection Program” of 2020 delivered $800 BILLION to mostly large corporations and will not see much of that money paid back. Or, perhaps you’re feeling the earthquake of disturbing vibes from so many Founder Fathers spinning in their graves over the very existence of both the DOE and its Romanesque “Czar.”

According to Alana Goodman, writing for The Washington Free Beacon:

“Biden energy loan czar Jigar Shah was a major investor in a struggling green energy company that is in advanced talks to receive a $1.5 billion loan from his office.”

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Goodman notes that Shah is the “Director” of the DOE loan office, and that the constitution-insulting “office” is ready to direct the cash to a so-called "green," Climate Cult-coddled corporation called “Plug Power.”

That would be the same Plug Power which in 2019 received a Generate Capital loan of $100 Million.

And Generate Capital was founded by…

Jigar Shah.

According to Goodman, federal disclosure records indicate that Shah sold his shares of Generate Capital prior to entering his Biden Administration office.

But, well, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

She writes:

“Plug Power repaid the $100 million to Generate at a 9 percent interest rate last December, while it was in negotiations for the DOE funding with Shah’s office, according to corporate disclosure filings. The repayment was three years ahead of schedule, at a time when the hydrogen fuel company was warning investors about its financial viability.”

Perhaps we needn’t feel guilty for seeing a possibly cozy relationship here, since the edge-of-bankruptcy Plug Power (could they have been making a reference to Joe Biden’s surgically modified hairline?) might have been able to move more freely to repay Shah’s old company thanks to the fact that Shah’s new government office was fast-tracking it for a Biden DOE loan – even as Plug Power was warning people that it might be close to insolvency.

Well, that’s not all, as some advertisers used to say on TV.

Goodman also notes that members of the legislative branch in DC are concerned about other Shah dealings:

“In November, Sen. John Barrasso (R., Wyo.), the top Republican on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, sent a letter to DOE questioning a $3 billion loan to Sunnova, a solar company that shares a board member with a private trade group founded by Shah. The trade group, Cleantech Leaders Roundtable, has also hosted paid events where loan-seeking companies can meet Shah, the Washington Free Beacon reported in October.

‘Such an intertwining of personal, political, and professional relationships raises further questions about the impartiality of loan approvals and the susceptibility of the process to undue political influence,’ wrote Barrasso.”

Whether or not the "loan process" is “prone to undue political influence” as the politicians in DC might see it, it is, by definition, run by a political system, and is, therefore, completely under the sway of “political influence”.

This is axiomatic.

Whether the end result of the anti-constitutional taking of my neighbor’s money sees it used to fund a cozy relationship between certain politicians, bureaucrats, and corporate hacks, or the money is handed out “willy-nilly,” at random, the initial taking is the prime offense and ought to be opposed.

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Ugly flourishes to the oft-unquestioned tax-thievery/bureaucracy-run-handout parade merely add some bright colors to the already ugly, inappropriate activity of “government loans” and other collectivist/fascistic favors.

So, we can see this, and remember it well:

“Plug Power described Generate as its ‘longstanding partner’ in a 2020 press release, while Shah was running the investment firm. Generate’s funding for Plug Power ‘substantially increased Plug’s sales, which significantly reduced the need for the company to raise expensive equity from the stock market,’ according to Generate Capital’s website.”

But we also can widen the perspective, and see how corrupt every “government handout” truly is. Because each loan, grant, or favor that the politically powerful hand to anyone comes at our expense. They take our money. They take our opportunities to fund what we wish.

Most of all, they show us utter contempt. They reveal their belief that they know better than we do how to spend our own cash.

Such are the pathological signs of the slave-master, and the faster we expose them and their fundamental, fecund corruption, the faster we can prevent more of it from harming our progeny.

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