Biden To Pay Americans To Plug Up Oil Wells

P. Gardner Goldsmith | October 16, 2023
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This is the second breaking story tied to the Biden regime that recalls the perverse and absurd FDR policy of using money it took from taxpayers to pay people literally to destroy valuable things like agricultural products, or to engage in useless work, like digging ditches and then refilling them.

This isn’t FDR’s era, and many Americans have learned from those disastrous Roosevelt attacks on freedom, morality, and logic. The trouble is, Joe Biden and those close to him who receive public trough payoffs either have not learned - or they have, and simply don’t care.

The Washington Examiner’s Eden Villalovas reports that, in fascist “ you’re our favorite federal friend” style…

“The Biden administration is offering federal assistance to certain states for the closure of low-producing oil and gas wells. Funding comes from the Inflation Reduction Act’s $350 million program called the Mitigating Emissions from Marginal Conventional Wells.”


As we all know, the federal government spending more of our tax cash and going further into debt (said debt then purchased by Federal Reserve-created of cash) won’t increase and inflate the money supply at all.

And Biden continuing to play the Strangler when it comes to US petrochemical fuels… surely, that will help people affordably fill their tanks, not hinder them from doing so. Right?

If this absurd counter-reality (of Biden taking your money to further constrict oil supplies, even while claiming it’s part of a scheme to “reduce inflation”) isn’t paradoxical enough for you, you might not want to get too close to the blazing supernova of reality in the fact that he’s doing it through the Constitution-insulting Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency. Writes Villalovas:

“The grant opened up in August, as announced by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. The program was designed to ‘help monitor and reduce methane emissions, one of the biggest drivers of climate change, from the oil and gas sector and for environmental restoration of well sites.’”

So, of course, at the heart of this is their tooth-fairy rationale. It must – MUST! – be done to combat their unsupported, politically-pushed, data-bereft fantasy that man-made “emissions” of gasses such as methane are putting the world at risk of an “anthropogenic climate change” apocalypse.

Not only have we at MRCTV offered reams of evidence refuting that claim, many others, from Marc Morano, to journalist Alex Newman, to the late Fred Singer, and many, many, more, have cited the sloppy or manipulated stats, the fearmongering, and the special-interest graft machine represented by this enormous, multi-national, mega-corporate push to demonize the use of cheap, efficient petrochemical fuels, and to push centrally funded, centrally controlled “green” or so-called “sustainable” energy production that is neither “green” nor economically sustainable (the government subsidies aren’t needed for economically feasible ideas – or as libertarians oft say, “Good ideas don’t require force.”)

But Villalovas notes that not all of the people occupying political offices are buying either Biden’s rhetoric or his pork-for-oil-plugs plan.

“Last week, Wyoming opted not to pursue federal funding from the program, with Gov. Mark Gordon (R-WY) stating he believes the offer undermines the state’s oil and gas industry and its importance to the economy.

‘This approach — concocted by DC bureaucrats — shows a complete disregard for the importance of this industry to Wyoming’s economy,’ Gordon said in a press release on Oct. 2. ‘These are wells that have, and will continue to produce, significant amounts of oil; provide jobs through hundreds of small businesses; and generate revenues for schools, the state and local government.’”

Gordon’s position is backed up by the trend in the free market – or what is left of it – as, even now, Reuters reports that investors are fleeing in droves from “renewables” and power-schemes slathered with the sugary term “sustainable.” In just the last few months, the amount of investment in such magical “sectors” has dropped by nearly 25 percent.

“Renewable energy funds globally suffered a net outflow of $1.4 billion in the July-September quarter, the biggest ever quarterly outflow, according to LSEG Lipper data.”

And Reuters notes:

“The sector's total assets under management now stand at $65.4 billion, a 23% decline from end-June, according to the data.”

Perhaps investors are just not “enlightened” enough to understand that a centrally-controlled energy supply is a really, really wise idea. Perhaps they just don’t listen to Joe Biden and his acolytes as they spew bromides telling us that “sustainable” means government-directed, inefficient, expensive, environmentally dangerous, and unreliable wind, solar, and “battery” (where will the batteries get the electricity?) power.

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Or perhaps these investors are learning. Perhaps they are reading books such as Alex Epstein’s new tome, “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels,” in which he offers excellent research into the clear benefits of market-driven fuel choice and the superiority of fossil fuels to help raise living standards.

As he recently told John Stossel in an excellent interview:

“People forget what it’s like to have shortages. People forget what it’s like to line up for hours for gasoline. What we’re seeing now, with all these threats to the fossil fuel industry – both the production of fossil fuels, and the transportation – we’re starting to experience that, acutely.”

Of course, you might not see the price increases reflected in the official Biden economic releases, or in fatuous claims of economic nirvana from people like Biden flack Paul Krugman, because the cost of energy is not in their reports, allowing them to make spurious claims that their attacks on your freedom and choice are “controlling inflation.”

And Epstein provides in his book important details about how the “sustainable” and the “renewable” green-scheme investment theatre is filled with fraud.

“Wall Street is playing a really malicious role in renewables right now. In renewables, I would say the whole corporate world is playing an incredibly irresponsible role. Part of it is a lot of lying about being 100 percent renewable.”

Epstein tells Stossel that the government is pushing a lot of it, and, in his book, Epstein also spells out how easy it is for corporations to claim “net zero” when they are not “net zero carbon dioxide emissions” at all.

The top-down political fascism of plans such as what Biden is pushing with his “we’ll give you someone else’s money to plug your oil well not only fits hand-in-glove with this pernicious fakery of “net zero” and “sustainability,”, it exposes the empty rhetoric of Biden when it comes to energy independence.

Energy independence is political, it is economic. It is moral. It means each of us gets to choose in the market what we want to buy for our own danged home heat, car, boat, or lightbulb. Our choices reflect what we determine to be most sustainable in our lives, and we send our purchase-price signals to suppliers and competitors who might enter the field, bringing prices down and helping reduce costs for energy all over the world.

Epstein is right. This is a moral dispute. And by seeing who will employ force, lies, special payoffs, and tax-extortion to fund his or her side of the dispute, we ought to have a profound clue as to who is dealing with us in a moral fashion.

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