Climate Surveillance: EPA, Gore, Working With Little-Known Interests To Spy On Your 'Emissions'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | December 20, 2023
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Since December 15 marked the 232nd anniversary of the adoption of the US Bill of Rights, and December 16 was the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, perhaps it’s time to assess the status of our Natural Rights.

In other words, do we live in the purported “Land of the Free,” or are we trapped in the “Land of the Lost”?

Reference to recent US, state, and local government action tilts the scales far, far to the side of “lost.”  

In just the last half-decade, we’ve seen each “level of government” engage in lockdowns, infringe on the rights of landlords, block the fulfillment of private contract, censor, lie, play favorites with numerous interests in numerous industries, turn our tax cash into weaponry and welfare showered on foreign nations, pump false narratives about concerned parents being potential “domestic terror threats” whom the feds can surveil, hold prisoners for more than two years without trials while withholding likely exculpatory evidence from those whom the feds did grind through their insane judicial mill, force us to house soldiers in new US military “bases”, “reauthorize” the so-called “National Defense Authorization Act” (NDAA) of an insultingly unconstitutional Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Section 702, allowing secret spying, and much more.

The contrast between Founding-Era America and contemporary America is so stark, one might speculate that it had been derived from the plot of a dystopian novel.

But there is much more. In fact, hiding behind those stark, brazen usurpations of our rights, the feds have been using “indirect means” to skirt the explicit rules of the Bill of Rights – and they have been employing typical fearmongering narratives to promote their “good work” with the “third parties.”

Under the guise of “national security,” and, after being exposed for directly collecting (without public warrants from judges) the digital communications of innumerable Americans, the feds changed tack and began paying digital communications corporations -- as if they were subcontractors – to hand them the information that the Fourth Amendment is supposed to stop government from getting without warrants.

The political-economic term for this is “fascism” – or one might use “mercantilism” if he or she wanted to use the warning language of economist Adam Smith from 1776. And while the fascist payoffs from government to corporate pals are objectionable enough, the rights-attacking intent of the connection is even more alarming.

And the feds are expanding the practice.

I recently discovered the existence of a “non-profit” called, “Carbon Mapper,” a Pasadena, CA, corporation that already is working with federal agencies to use spy planes in order to - get this - surveil our “climate-change emissions.”

Yep. It’s about “emissions,” so it’s totally okay.

Indeed, this new fascist combo with government exists to combat that ever-present, not-confirmed, heavily promoted, canard called “Climate Change,” so, OF COURSE, it’s completely fine.

Or, maybe its not. Perhaps it’s not just predicated on faulty climate assumptions and manipulated data, but it also is an immoral, truly fascist, attempt to skirt the Fourth Amendment, found in that dusty thing called the Bill of Rights, and to spy on us without warrants…

Gabriela Aoun Angueira, writes for Grist that Carbon Mapper is, “a nonprofit created in 2020 to drive emissions mitigation with data from specific facilities.”

And she adds:

“The aircraft that Carbon Mapper uses carries an imaging spectrometer capable of measuring hundreds of wavelengths of light. Gasses absorb different light wavelengths, leaving a ‘spectral fingerprint’ invisible to the human eye. 

Through a coalition that includes JPL, Planet Labs, and several other institutions, Carbon Mapper is working to launch two spectrometer-equipped satellites to detect methane and CO2 directly at their sources.”

In other words, this corporation will spy on us and then hand (or sell) that information to the EPA, which then can engage in its typical threatening-and-fining activity, completely contrary to the Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments that require “due process,” the ability of accused to confront witnesses in “speedy and public trials,” and prohibit government from imposing “cruel and unusual punishment” or taking things from us without just compensation (sadly, those terms are left to be defined by arbitrary government whim).

The government creates the "corporate" status of Carbon Mapper (and other corporations) then sets up deals to have them gather our private info and hand it to the government. It's a jaw-dropping way to skirt the Fourth Amendment.

“In the super-emitter program, (Riley) Duren (CEO) of Carbon Mapper said outside monitoring will act as a backstop to the inspections oil and gas companies do themselves. Although the EPA rule requires operators to periodically check their infrastructure and repair leaks, inspections are made bimonthly or even quarterly. ‘Super emitters are unpredictable,’ said Duren. ‘There’s a lot of methane that can be emitted between that, which a satellite can catch.’”

But methane, carbon-dioxide, and nitrogen gas don't inflict the "climate damage" on people that the political elites claim. And this new outgrowth of the Climate Cult hysteria simply sees more appendages added, more “fact-less fascist dependents” attached to the ever-growing government-climate grift and echo chamber, and the stories they echo are fantasies, gossamer tales without real substance.

As I have noted, government calling some substance or activity “dangerous” or “injurious” has no connection to real tort law, going back to British Common Law. Tortious claims only can be made by real, aggrieved people, citing the damage and the person accused of engaging in the damage-causing act. Government/state agencies are not people, and cannot claim harm. Only real people can do that, and they are required by tort tradition to prove their claims before a jury.

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Setting up a list of “bad” gasses – gasses that aren’t really bad for the environment, and are utilized in the natural life-cycles of animals and plants on Earth – and then claiming the power to punish people if the hired spies of the feds detect “emissions” of those gasses beyond the level the feds allow?

That’s gangsterism, and gangsterism by proxy, to boot.

And, wouldn’t you know it… This all is connected to something about which I wrote last year for MRCTV, something tied to one of the top Climate Change Cult gurus, Al Gore.

In my November 13, 2022, piece entitled, “Al Gore Opens Climate Gathering By Pushing ‘Carbon Use’ Surveillance Satellites,” I noted that Gore came to and from the COP 27 Climate Cult soiree promoting a Google-tied project called “TRACE.”

And, about TRACE, I got to write:

“(O)n their Climate TRACE website, Google and Al Gore’s new pal (sorry -- not just ‘pal,’ he actually has a vested interest in TRACE, as the website’s “About” section admits), they tell avid avunculars:

‘Until now, most emissions inventories have been based on self-reported, often years-late data that relied on rough estimates, opaque methods, and inaccessible reporting. Government officials, scientists, investors, executives, and activists need better data to support the creation of policies, programs, and campaigns aimed at limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C as agreed to under the Paris Climate Agreement.’”

I also noted:

“Which, beyond the fact that the U.S. government never agreed to that ‘agreement’ as a treaty, actually begs this question: Even if one were to have accepted their unsupportable premise about man’s use of carbon-based petrochemicals ushering climate Armageddon, if TRACE now admits that previous Cultist claims of climate apocalypse were unreliable and lacked supportive data to serve even their purposes, how can they claim that their argument, to this day, is valid?”

It’s not, and, more important, their modus-operandi of proscribing certain activities, threatening to punish people for “emissions” of harmless gasses, avoiding the reality that the state never can be an aggrieved party in a tortious claim, and the new, expanding surveillance eye of Carbon Mapper they want to add to Gore’s TRACE all tell us that the America in which we live is not the America the Founders envisioned when they adopted the Bill of Rights.

One doubts that, even in their wildest dreams, they ever imagined the oppression and the corrupt methods government grifters will use to attack our rights.

This backdoor, technocratic spying, done via proxy and to skirt the Fourth Amendment is a perfect example.

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