Energy Sec Plays Dumb Over Biden's Vow To 'End' Fossil Fuels

P. Gardner Goldsmith | January 29, 2024
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Whether the cause is limitless hubris or some innate inability to check their perverse, authoritarian excitement, politicians and bureaucrats sometimes let slip their black-as-midnight plans to attack our liberty and hurt us.

In 2019, Joe Biden did precisely that when he openly stated he would “end fossil fuel.” And, using the softer-but-meaning-the-same-thing term “phase-out”, he repeatedly reiterated the threat, pointing to 2050 as his date for the end and telling listeners, “No more drilling.”

Yet Jennifer Granholm -- the perpetually sanctimonious, Cheshire-Cat-grinning, former Governor of Michigan whom Biden picked to fill the unconstitutional “Secretary of Energy” spot in his insulting Administration – Friday first tried to avoid acknowledging Biden’s statements, then couldn’t stop herself from, essentially, confirming precisely the same plan.

Appearing like a sardonic court jester on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” Granholm seemed to be there in order to defend/promote a new Administration move to block further liquified natural gas export slots at US ports, something that anyone familiar with freedom or the US Constitution knows is neither a moral position nor a constitutional power granted to the feds, and something that will harm US energy businesses seeking affordable storage and shipment opportunities for their product.

But as host Joe Kernan brought up Biden’s record of rhetorical threats and policy strangulation of petrochemical exploration, recovery, refining, and transport, Granholm appeared to take issue with Kernan’s recitation of the facts.

He said:

"Secretary, your comments on our show – and I know we have a business audience-- I’m sure that you wouldn’t cater your comments, but they’re very measured and, you know, you bring up a lot of reasons other than climate change for why you’re doing this. But if you look at the way the president is selling it, and he basically said, you know, this is the — an attempt to tackle the ‘existential crisis of our time.’ Activists are hailing the decision as a landmark crisis (sic) that shows that industries will no longer just get a blank ‘okay’ to proceed with building oil and gas products, a powerful statement we can no longer allow the industries to continue operating and that hearkens back to President Biden’s campaign vow to put the fossil fuel business out of business. And he said, 'Read my lips, we will put fossil fuels out of business.’"

Ever the politician, well aware that in a pseudo-denial of the facts she needs to give herself room for “plausible deniability” of her own deception, Granholm didn’t say Biden had never stated what we all know he stated. She claimed:

“I did not hear him say that.”



Of course, it’s possible that she has hearing problems. Perhaps she’s been a regular at numerous music festivals, or perhaps her internal monologue is so loud she doesn’t hear much beyond her own self-praise.But, as noted above, the info is readily available, Biden’s flip and fatuous fascist statements are on video.

Fox News’ Alexander Hall writes:

The video can be seen of then-candidate Biden on the campaign trail in 2019, after a New Hampshire environmental activist questioned him for accepting donations from the co-founder of a liquefied natural gas firm.

‘I want you to look at my eyes. I guarantee you. I guarantee you. We’re going to end fossil fuel,’ Biden said at the time.”

Heck, within days of entering office, Biden engaged in so many “executive actions” to attack petrochemical energy suppliers and us consumers that even a French news agency took notice, observing that on DAY ONE, Biden threw US energy policy back on the anti-petrochemical path of the non-treaty, non-binding, non-law, anti-freedom “Paris Climate Accord,” shut down drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, mandated a “pause” on new drilling leases in Alaska, and canceled the Keystone XL pipeline.

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Was Jennifer Granholm so monumentally busy she missed all that? Was she too stressed trying to handle the stock options she got from electric bus maker Proterra, after her stint on their board, which, in turn, came after she helped Proterra get millions in federal subsidies when she was Michigan governor?

Such a shame she was out of the loop. She might have noticed what Biden said. Perhaps she was too busy restricting our lightbulb choices, or threatening gas stove makers.

Or, perhaps she WAS aware of Biden’s threats, and merely wanted to deflect while on CNBC. After all, she ended up confirming precisely what Kernan observed.

She offered the confirmation in soft language, saying there has to be a “managed transition.” But that’s not you managing what you might want. That’s the government “managing” our lives with edicts, force, pork subsidies of things like Proterra (which filed for bankruptcy shortly after Granholm sold her stock for nearly $2 million) and extended international trips for “climate summits” that will inject their insufferable rhetoric and lies even further into the business of our lives.

This is the same woman who simply cannot grasp that the private market is not embracing electric vehicle sales, that, in fact, auto-makers worldwide have stepped away from EV plans like lost hikers who’ve backed away from the edge of a cliff.

Is it possible that Ms. Granholm’s “tonal” difference cannot hide the reality that Biden telegraphed many times? Is it possible that when Biden says, “no more drilling,” and his actions indicate a profound antipathy for our freedom to get energy, that he means what he says? And is it possible that a Bidenista like Granholm can cease the lame wordplay and just admit what they are doing to us?

The reality of it all is rushing towards us like a train, and they have shown absolutely no sign of change.They want to destroy the petrochemical energy market, and we’re all going to pay.

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