Feds Ready $900 MILLION For States To Buy Electric School Buses

P. Gardner Goldsmith | June 3, 2024
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To employ dark humor, at least the stuffed-shirts in government give you “options.”

Sure, they take your money and redirect it to their cozy special interest friends. Sure, they eliminate your real options and reduce your choices in your real life, warping resource allocation and utilization, including the resources of human time, thought, and labor… but they DO give you other things.

Namely, valid reasons to be upset.

So, take your pick, as this news opens up a vista of vitriolic possibilities and lets one ask which offense takes precedent.

Mike Lee, at Politico’s Climate Cultist sub-site “E&E News,” reports that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) a few days ago announced its latest wonderful program.

“EPA announced this week that it has awarded about $900 million to school districts across the country to buy clean school buses.”


Do they mean school buses free of gum under the seats and clear of window smears? Do they mean buses that are not tied to the unconstitutional and immoral practice of federal spending?

Of course not, since that very kind of cash handout is the catalyst for this E&E fluff piece.

By using the term “clean,” Lee is employing a signal word, an Orwellian re-write of reality, and one that fits the entire “green” agenda to use emblematic buzzwords and catchy phrases to propagate an aura of reality that is not real.

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What he means is “electric buses,” and, though he doesn’t bother discussing the reality of those, we at MRCTV long have been reporting on the environmental burdens, fire hazards, and economic problems of electric buses, electric cars, and e-bikes for a long time, and we also have reported on the faulty thinking – and the absolutely fraudulent superstructure of government payoffs and misleading claims – that are the underpinning of the Anthropogenic Climate Change political control agenda.

Lee adds these glowing words:

“The money will come in the form of rebates to participating school districts, and it will help pay for about 3,400 buses in 531 school systems in 47 states, plus the District of Columbia and several tribal regions and U.S. territories.

This is the third time EPA has doled out money for clean school buses through a program that was established under the 2021 bipartisan infrastructure law. Cumulatively, EPA has awarded about $3 billion for 8,500 buses.”

So, take your pick as to which is more upsetting.

Is it the worry that kids might get hurt or worse due to a terrible fire in an electric bus? Is it the worry that kids might get stuck on an electric bus that runs out of charge and is stopped at the side of a highway, near dusk, in the winter?

Is it the fact that the feds have spread so much money around, in utter contempt for their supposed rule book, the US Constitution, which doesn’t allow them to engage in that kind of behavior unless the Constitution is amended?

Is it the erroneous idea that there is a “right” to a government-provided so-called “education” – meaning that people will work to have portions of their money taken by government to pay the teachers? If that’s what government education proponents believe, why not remove the middle-man and enslave all the teachers?

This absurd story about the third line of federal subsidies for electric buses in 47 states reveals myriad important concerns, and none of them are being addressed by the federal government.

It’s likely that the politicians ruling those states and many of the localities that will receive the bus money won’t complain, either. That will be up to us, to remind them of their oaths to the Constitution, and that we own ourselves and the fruits of our labor. Their mob mentality is clear, and it cannot be polished to some form of post-modernist beauty by Mr. Lee or the E&E website.

The mentality is like that of a thief who sings to you as he steals.

No amount of prettifying will change the ugly face of government corruption and coercion, and now, even more kids are going to be put on those dangerous EV creations. How about people in DC and the states acknowledge the rules of the Constitution, and the morality of freedom, and leave people alone?

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