FEMA 'White Supremacy' Sensitivity Training Burns Tax Cash While Hawaiians Suffer

P. Gardner Goldsmith | August 28, 2023




It’s difficult to deny the growing political demand for government-run “reeducation” to yank people away from their tawdry “normal” beliefs and push them into “government-approved” modes of thought. Even popular conservative commentator and clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson is being targeted, told by the Canadian gub-ment that he MUST submit to – and PAY FOR -- “reeducation” for social media posts that the state didn’t like, or else he will lose his license to offer services to willing customers.

Which inspires one to speculate about who in that picture actually needs psychological services: the innocent man expressing ideas, or the aggressive government thugs demanding he get “licensed” and undergo “mental rehab” to practice…?

It also inspires wonder when confronted with the US government’s blindness to its own aggression and hypocrisy, as exhibited through a new report that the Carter-created Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is running employees through “White Supremacy” sensitivity training before unleashing the tax-eaters to “help” many of the said-same taxpayers who’ve been forced to pay them -- QED.

Beneath a headline that spells out some of the amazing FEMA tone-deafness, The Washington Free Beacon’s Ben Wilson reveals, “FEMA Holds Employee Trainings on ‘White Supremacy’ As More Than 1,000 Hawaiians Remain Missing,” and writes:

“The federal government agency tasked with leading the response to natural disasters has its hands full as more than 1,000 Americans remain missing following wildfires that devastated the Hawaiian island of Maui. FEMA nonetheless is mandating a three-hour diversity training for employees that argues, among other things, that white supremacy is ‘ingrained in nearly every system and institution in the U.S.’"

This occurring decades after what some might cite as a form of western imperialism/colonialism over native Hawaiians – people who, FEMA might note, are not “white” -- who have seen their ancestral land burned and have lost many loved ones, who have been forced to pay into the US tax-slavery system or lose their freedom and who have discovered that government bureaucrats not only have blocked private aid from reaching Maui fire victims, but who have been cited for staying in Five-Star hotels on the taxpayer dime while those bureaucrats hang out in the burn zone.

Perhaps this “virtue-signal” of “White Supremacy” training could appear as something of an insult to all taxpayers, but – especially now – might be intensely ironic and off-putting to Maui residents as they watch the FEMA functionaries fumble around on their ashen island home?

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And if they think that just the idea of a tax-funded agency claiming the power to grab their money, then haughtily claim a form of sensitivity-sainthood is insulting enough, or that the added history of US meddling in Hawaii makes it even more angering, they ain’t seen nothin’ yet. As Wilson reports, the depths of this foolish FEMA program are astounding, and plumbing those depths reveals bottom-feeding mentalities that will add to the anger.

“While it's unclear how many of FEMA's 20,000-plus employees were required to complete the training, internal emails reviewed by the Free Beacon indicate that the agency’s ‘resilience’ division was advised of a requirement to complete one of three three-hour diversity training modules between Aug. 1 and Sept. 28. ‘FEMA Resilience’ works to ‘help communities across the United States equitably adapt, survive, recover and thrive in the face of natural disasters’ and boasts roughly 2,600 employees, according to someone familiar. The division is led by Biden administration appointee Victoria Salinas, the agency's website says.”

According to FederalPay.org, Ms. Salinas received a salary of $183,000 per year in both 2021 and 2022, cash which might make her “resilient” to many day-to-day troubles and worries haunting the average taxpayer forced to fund her. And, in case one forgot about the astounding insult to local Hawaiians who also had to shell out cash for Ms. Salinas to virtue-signal, Wilson adds:

“The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion trainings contend that the United States is ‘rooted in extreme, extraordinary violence’ and demand participants acknowledge ‘that systemic racism and oppression exist,’ according to screenshots of the training obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.”

But, of course, if you, like Jordan Peterson, recognize that the “systemic violence” comes from government thugs who demand that you hand over your earnings, and that it is GOVERNMENT which always claims “supremacy” over us, well, malcontent, you, too, might be a good target for “reeducation” someday…

“FEMA leaders informed staff of the training in a July email, indicating that the effort is ‘part of our ongoing commitment to instill Equity as a Foundation of Emergency Management.’ Staffers are required to take at least one course to meet their ‘DEI training requirement,’ according to the email.

FEMA's email says its equity trainings were ‘developed by the Institute for Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Management.’ The institute's CEO, Chauncia Willis, told the Free Beacon she delivered the training live to FEMA employees ‘months ago.’ FEMA appears to have recorded Willis's live presentation to play back to employees, with the agency using its internal ‘resilience equity adviser,’ Christopher Smith, to pause the presentation and direct employees to engage in small group discussions, a video of the training obtained by the Free Beacon shows.”

And, just to remind us of the jaw-dropping offense that is FEMA in action, Wilson notes:

“FEMA is facing criticism that as many as 1,100 people remain missing in Hawaii after the deadliest wildfire in modern U.S. history ravaged the island earlier this month. Agency administrator Deanne Criswell struggled on Monday to explain why so many people remain unaccounted for two weeks after the fire was mostly contained. ‘There's a lot of different reasons on why people are unaccounted for,’ Criswell told CNN. ‘It could be that they are staying with family and friends.’

FEMA is also facing blowback for putting up hundreds of its employees in five-star resorts in Hawaii such as the Four Seasons, where rooms cost $1,000 per night and are located nearly a 45-minute drive from the disaster sites. A local government employee named Kaleo told the Daily Mail the luxurious accommodations are ‘selfish.’"

Of course, to cite only those offenses is to disregard the larger constitutional and moral questions.

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Yes, it is valuable to expose this incredible hypocrisy and waste, even as the FEMA leftists claim some kind of virtue for looking “inclusive” and “caring” about “whiteness.” But the US Constitution does not allow for FEMA or for federal expenditures on “natural disasters” in the first place (in this case, numerous private actors and even the county of Maui are suing the Hawaiian-government-created energy corporation for causing the wildfires), and it is immoral to take money from people in order to “help” others, in any way.

That doesn’t show anyone cares. It just shows how willing politicians and their bureaucratic pencil-pusher-five-star-hotel-dwellers are to take and spend and look “helpful” with OUR cash – even as they also push an absurd “Climate Change” narrative to add insult to injury.

So, if you, like Peterson, think that the government is far too big and operates in ways running utterly contrary to the so-called rules of the US Constitution and morality… if you think that Maui residents are justified to be angry and demand the elimination of FEMA – that they have a right to their own earnings, as to you -- you are not alone.

Of course, as government continues to grow, you, like Peterson, might be targeted as the “bad guy” and ordered into “reeducation” – that your own tax cash funds.

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