More Than Half Of Jesuit Catholic Colleges Promote 'Pride Month'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | June 24, 2024
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Every June offers Americans numerous opportunities to enjoy warm weather, the end of school, weddings, vacations, “beach novels,” and sundry other delights.

It also lets us open the Bible, to remind ourselves what God informed humanity about a particular sin. That’s because June, somehow, is what politicians, politically-energized Cultural Marxists, pop media sycophants, and many self-styled “educators” tell us is “Pride Month” – meaning that they effusively support the use of government money and private resources to promote the idea that homosexual activity is something to publicly praise and see as a source of “pride.”

And now, thanks to Eleanor Blair at the College Fix, that list of “Pride” pushers includes more than HALF of all US Jesuit Catholic universities.

“A majority of Jesuit Catholic universities promoted LGBT 'Pride Month' this June, according to a College Fix analysis.

In total, 15 of the 27 American Jesuit universities posted on their main X, Instagram, and/or Facebook pages. The analysis does not include universities who may have hosted LGBT events but not posted on their main accounts.”

Since many Americans, and, evidently, many of those CATHOLIC university administrators might ask, “What’s wrong with that?” Blair observes:

“However, the Catholic Church teaches that homosexual activity is ‘contrary to the natural law,’ and that marriage is between one man and one woman.”

Non-religious folks might see such a reminder and think that the Catholic tenets are “oppressive” and only target gay people for their same-sex activity. But the Church’s tenets note that any extramarital sex is sinful, and since the Biblical concept of marriage is between a man and a woman, homosexual activity would be like all other out-of-wedlock sexual interaction: a sin.

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But there’s more to it than that basic syllogism and this Jesuit school hypocrisy that it exposes.

As noted earlier, the very term “Pride Month” is problematic for those who believe the Bible is the word of God.

Even the Encyclopedia Brittanica notes:

“Pride, in Roman Catholic theology, one of the seven deadly sins, considered by some to be the gravest of all sins. In the theological sense, pride is defined as an excessive love of one’s own excellence. As a deadly sin, pride is believed to generate other sins and further immoral behaviour and is countered by the heavenly virtue of humility.”



In fact, this Brittanica piece, written by Associate Editor René Ostberg, adds a great deal more valuable perspective about the problem of pride:

“Unlike the healthy pride of self-affirmation, sinful pride disposes a person to think more of oneself than one ought to, with no recognition of or appreciation for the gifts one has received from God. The danger of pride is that it pushes God to the margins of one’s spiritual, moral, and temporal existence, putting the prideful person at the moral centre. If God exists at all to the prideful person, it is only to gratify one’s ego and sense of importance. Pride causes a person to negate God and take all credit for one’s accomplishments.”

Heedless of that, these purportedly “Catholic” schools embraced both “homosexuality” and “pride,” and Blair adds:

“The colleges showing their support for the homosexual and transgender agenda are: Canisius UniversityCollege of the Holy CrossCreighton UniversityGeorgetown UniversityGonzaga UniversityLe Moyne CollegeLoyola University ChicagoLoyola University New OrleansRockhurst UniversitySaint Louis UniversitySeattle University, the University of San Francisco, and Xavier University.”

The schools did so through various means, such as Twitter/X and other social media posts, and Blair notes that their positions have spurred other Catholics to engage in justified criticism:

“Several Catholic leaders criticized the universities.

A fellow at a conservative think tank in Washington D.C. said the Jesuit universities promoting Pride Month are ‘irrelevant’ and betraying their Catholic faith.

‘Jesuit Universities that support homosexual conduct are proclaiming that the teachings of the Catholic Church are irrelevant and need not be taken seriously,’ Nathanael Blake, a postdoctoral fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, told The Fix via email.

‘These universities want to fit in with the world, and are shedding what is left of their Catholic identity to do so, thereby abandoning their mission of forming students through a Christian education,’ Blake said.”

Blake’s observation might inspire many Catholic churchgoers to agree. But it’s not just Catholics who can show justified opprobrium, because these schools are not just breaching their purported Biblical tenets in promoting “pride” and homosexual behavior.

They’re leaching off of us.

To be precise, they are the recipients of stolen goods, i.e. unconstitutionally handed-out federal grants, and/or state grants, all of which are funded via the immoral seizure of other people’s money. That government activity is called theft, and it is prohibited by the Eighth Commandment. In fact, the act of WANTING to take something that belongs to another person is COVETING, and that is prohibited by the Tenth Commandment.

Thus, be one a Catholic who has deep problems with the pseudo-Catholic, socialistic, activity of these educational institutions, or one who practices a different form of Christianity, or if one is Jewish, or merely believes in the Golden Rule as a good way to live, the panoply of “Jesuit colleges” that are engaged in this activity bring a multi-faceted list of risible offenses to the fore.

Pride is just one facet of the problem that the College Fix has exposed.

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