Sadness Redounds: John Kerry To Resign From 'Climate Czar' Post

P. Gardner Goldsmith | January 14, 2024
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The year 2024 is only two weeks old, and already, among the terrible world news, we have been dealt another tragic blow.

On Saturday, January 13, beloved lurcher, and lurker hiding behind fake stats and sophistic claims of environmental enlightenment, “Climate Czar” John Kerry announced he is vacating the auspicious post he has been using to save the planet.

So many tears, one wonders if stock in facial tissues will rise due to the horrible news.

Among many reporters who got us the soul-searing info, The New York Times’ Lisa Friedman breaks it to us with gentle (or, GENTILE, considering Kerry’s haughty personality) aplomb:

“John Kerry, President Biden’s special envoy for climate, plans to step down by spring, ending a three-year run in a major diplomatic role that was created especially for him and which will face an uncertain future with his departure.”

Because, as we all know, the Chief Executive can simply “create” a diplomatic role, see it staffed and funded by grabbing more of our taxes, and then see the Romanesque “Czar” toss fatuous, fake, and dangerous climate claims the way a Biden supporter might spread more cluster munitions to the Ukrainian government.

And Friedman has to add to the fantasy, lending her voice to the chorus of pop media reporters who errantly accept the unproven notion that man-made “emissions” like carbon-dioxide are driving a man-caused “climate apocalypse.”

“Mr. Kerry, 80, has served as the president’s top diplomat on climate change since early 2021, working to cajole governments around the world to aggressively cut their planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions.”

And, remember, even though Kerry and his officious, tyrannically-minded Climate Cult collectivists have no reliable data and there has been no actual U.S. treaty approved by the legislative branch, Kerry’s efforts, Friedman insinuates, have brought back a sense of honor, a polish of international “cooperation,” to the command-and-control Stalinism of subsidizing anti-economic “electric” vehicle companies, pushing for “carbon taxes,restricting nitrogen fertilizer, demanding people eat less beef, and much more.

“He led the U.S. negotiating team through three United Nations climate summits, reasserting American leadership after the country withdrew from the Paris climate agreement during the Trump administration.”

God forbid anyone recognize the falsehoods underlying every “climate agreement,” the fakery of acting as if they are treaties, or the fact that, if they were treaties they would neither pass the Senate for approval, nor comport with the U.S. Constitution.

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She adds:

“On Wednesday, Mr. Kerry met with Mr. Biden in the White House to inform the president of his intention to resign, according to one person familiar with the meeting. On Saturday, his staff learned of his decision at a hastily arranged meeting, said the person, who asked to remain anonymous in order to discuss personnel matters.”

Perhaps Kerry wants to leave a vacancy in the “Czar” post almost as large as the ginned-up threat of the “Antarctic ozone hole” (a constantly fluctuating non-hole that actually revealed itself over time – and after expensive government bans of many cheap chemicals used for air-conditioning and aerosol sprays -- to be a natural, not man-made phenomenon) because he just doesn't love us anymore.

At least we have our memories…

As I wrote for MRCTV in July:

“Having already been caught pushing odd stories of having thrown his Vietnam-era military medals away, yet, decades later, still having said metals, then claiming he made a distinction between the actual medals and the RIBBONS (oh, man), having been caught flouting his boss, Biden’s, vaunted, unconstitutional governmental “masking” rules while on a plane (John Kerry rarely, if ever, has flown coach with the Hoi Polloi in the past forty years, but someone did catch a shot of him in the “elite” seating, mask down) and then claiming it was “momentary” and ignorantly parroting the gub-ment line that he “follows the science,” having been shown to own multiple energy-consuming homes, and, at various times, owning yachts, and having flown to Climate Cultist soiree “COP 26” in Scotland where many, if not most, of the political attendees arrived in private jets and were shown to have been chauffeured around in “electric” cars that actually got recharged thanks to Diesel generators at their hotels, Mr. Kerry still seems to have absolutely not a scintilla of shame and appears quite ready to parse and deny-non-deny when observant folks point out that he and his family mostly partake in private flying done on planes connected to him and his family.”

Then there was John’s call for builders and the consumers who hire them to eschew traditional, relatively cheaper steel and adopt what HE wanted them to use, so-called “green steel.”

There was his demand for us to drastically decrease meat in our diets, even hinting that the feds should shut down or take over farms. And there was Kerry’s use of a private jet to accept a “climate change award” in Iceland, circa 2021. There are his multiple homes, his past of owning yachts, and his evident enjoyment of air-conditioned comfort at the desert soiree of COP 28, in Dubai, a few weeks ago.

But, after all these good times on our dime, why would Kerry leave us in the “lurch” so suddenly? Could it be that he’s getting out before he has to tell people his salary, how many people work for him, who they are, and what they earn?

After all, when reporter/radio-host Howie Carr in 2022 tried to get that information, the Boston Herald, for which Carr writes, discovered:

“Kerry’s office told the Herald — where Carr also writes a column — that they would have to submit a FOIA )Freedom of Information Act) request and could expect to hear back by 2024 to find out how much money Kerry is taking in from government coffers.”

Numerous Congressional committee calls for Kerry to provide the facts have seen Kerry simply NOT COMPLY, and it took a Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit to see in May, last year, the previously hidden info that Kerry’s unconstitutional “envoy” office employed 45 people.

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How much they or Kerry have been picking our pockets, we still don’t know, even after direct questioning in Congress.

But, according to Douglas Murray, in the New York Post, Kerry would have been required to reveal the names and numbers in October, this year.

Is it justified to suspect that, perhaps, John is getting off the gravy-train while the gettin’ is good?

Is it justified to be thankful that this stuffed-shirt, career parasite is leaving? Perhaps. But the office will remain – to threaten our liberty and our earnings.

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